At 20 Million Users, Facebook Seeks More Attention From Small Businesses

FacebookFacebook is still the dominant force in social networking and marketing worldwide though Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and other such networks are vying for, and purposefully working towards, that same giant share of the social involvement cake. Though the recent news was that teens in the US were moving away from Facebook, there was actually a massive increase in worldwide users with some markets coming close to total saturation.

Now we’re not going into the depths of what makes Facebook better than the others or what advantage Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn have that Facebook doesn’t, it’s worth knowing that Facebook has crossed yet another hurdle and now has 20 million business pages, an improvement over the Q2 number of 18 million. Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg revealed this during the Q3 earnings announcement in October. However, she also revealed that there were only one million active advertisers in Facebook during the Q3 period.

One Million Out of 20 Million

So let’s get this straight. Even though Facebook has 20 million pages, only one million advertisers are using them. Facebook’s advanced advertising tools have still not appealed to many marketers, particularly small and mid-sized businesses that are expected to massively benefit from them. Sandberg revealed that this is what Facebook is aiming for – getting more and more small businesses to use its high tech products and experience the results, after admitting that one million out of 20 million is nothing but a "small fraction" of its potential. She believes that Facebook had not done a good job of convincing small businesses of the immense potential of its marketing products. Sandberg said that Facebook needs to get more aggressive about this. Small as well as medium-sized businesses account for a majority of Facebook’s advertiser base. An aggressive strategy is believed to be the answer to driving more of these businesses to advertise actively on Facebook.

Simplifying Facebook’s Advertising Tools

An understanding has been reached within Facebook that its marketing tools need to get simpler and automated. This would gain more advertisers who would also benefit from the tremendous potential of these tools to reach more and more customers. These 20 million pages are those in the various business categories. Pages in the Cause/Community category were also included in the count. The figure represents worldwide usage.

Facebook Really Works for Small Businesses

Facebook indeed offers plenty of opportunities for small businesses to market themselves. It makes them easily discoverable. Their plus points can be made known to a discerning crowd, containing your target audience, without spending big on mammoth advertising campaigns. If the messages you post are engaging and address the needs of people, they can boost the popularity if your page. The analytics provided by Facebook on your page can help you understand how many people are being drawn to your page, the behavior pattern of your potential customers, and how the page is performing overall.

It’s just that more small businesses need to grasp the potential of Facebook marketing and work on making the most of it.