Does Curated Content Harm SEO Rankings?

Content CurationAfter the release of Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, website owners have been very careful in displaying content in their sites and they try hard to keep the site content fresh, informative and search engine friendly. There are others who utilize a technique called content curation to attract targeted traffic to their sites. Content curation is a content optimization technique which involves gathering, organizing and displaying information that is related to a particular topic or area of interest. Websites that use this technique reproduce some of the genuine content on other reliable websites and provide relevant links to the full entry. There are some sites which display original content, commentary and interpretation.

There have been doubts regarding the usage of content curation in the search engine optimization industry, whether it can hurt site rankings and invite penalization from Google. Many SEO experts say that content curation is a risky practice; some of the techniques used by publishers or site owners in this regard to attract targeted traffic include the following.

  • Content optimization with existing content – Content curation is nothing but copying and pasting excerpts from other news and blog sites and adding your comments about these blog posts. Since you can’t copy and paste the entire content from another site, usually a piece of text is extracted from the main content and a backlink is provided to the original site.
  • Curating your own content – Many site owners or publishers reuse already existing content in their sites to create more content where 60% is genuine or unique.
  • Building more pages with curated content – To attract more traffic, websites such as authority news websites create more web pages on their sites using curated content since creating fresh content takes more time. They extract content that is related to a particular topic from other sources and embed it in their web pages.

Google that is always trying to provide users with fresh and informative content support curated content if the sites using this technique adhere to Google’s content quality guidelines. Google encourages this type of content development tactic because a website that uses this technique will usually have all the latest news about business, technology, sports, politics and entertainment all together in one place.

  • Google recognizes your site as authoritative and trusted when you curate content from credible sources.
  • Since Google ranks sites which have updated content and your site has curated content comprising the latest news, trends and tips relevant to your market, you stand to benefit.
  • If your site provides authoritative information, search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo will project your content as trusted.

If your website needs content curation, it is best to obtain assistance from experts at a reliable SEO company that has years of experience in providing customized services at affordable pricings.

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