Impact of Social Media on SEO

SEO is focused on making websites search engine friendly and social media can play a key role in bringing in more traffic. Businesses do believe in social networking – a recent Duke University CMO study showed that marketers are expected to more than double their social media spending over the next five years as a percentage of marketing budgets – from the current level of 7.4 percent up to 18.1 percent. The number of people who engage in social networking has risen dramatically in recent years and that’s why social media seems to have become the preferred medium to connect with a target market.

Social Media

You should remember that social media interactions are connected to quality and quality matters for higher rankings. So to make the best use of social media for your business, review your social media pages and make sure it has correct information about your brand. Create quality content regularly and post it on social channels. Make sure that keywords relevant to your business are found across all platforms.