Mistakes to Avoid When Using Twitter for Your Business

TwitterMost people love to tweet everything that they do. It’s not complicated at all once you start tweeting. You can tweet anything interesting you want to share with others within a word limit of 140 words and get amazing responses. People also try and re-tweet anything interesting that they find. Many celebrities, artists, politicians and even news anchors have a huge fan following on Twitter. This helps them create a bond, however small, with others all over the world.

In a day and age when people are known by the number of tweets they send everyday and also the number of followers they have, can anyone’s tweeting habit actually kill their follower numbers? The unfortunate truth is that it can. Unknowingly, people make so many mistakes that they actually fail to maintain the interest of their followers and often end up losing a number of followers. A good tweet can get followers and a bad one can lose them.

Before looking at the mistakes that you can make on your account, let us consider how you can best ensure a good following on Twitter.

  • By using hashtags on currently trending topics you can ensure that your company or business becomes part of the conversation. You can hashtag a topic, a conversation subject, even movies and actors. There is no limit to what can be added as part of the hashtag and anyone who is following on that hashtag will be able to see all related tweets as well.
  • Using images when tweeting is a good move. Most people don’t tend to read a lot of stuff unless and until they are really attracted. However, a picture can speak a thousand words. One good picture can go a long way when compared to 10 tweets. There is another reason for this, most people grasp visual stimuli better; this is why pictures become better tools when tweeting.
  • When posting, make sure that the posting is done at different times. Twitter is a complex world and when people are following many it becomes very difficult to follow a certain tweet if it is posted at odd hours. Let’s say someone gets like 1 hour everyday to tweet and they post all their tweets at the same time. Unless they are someone famous, not many people will search for their tweets. The best thing to do is to cater to a wide variety of followers and their timings, divide and allocate like 5 minutes every 2 hours. A time table can be worked out.
  • Use Twitter judiciously. People tend to tweet everything, about other people, what they are currently doing and so on. What happens in this case is that the more people see their messages the more they lose interest in following the tweets. So use this networking site effectively and you will not lose any followers.

Mistakes to Avoid

  • People who give only status sentences get less number of followers. Always ensure to toggle between quotes, status and pictures. This will keep the variety in the tweets and the followers would not get bored of the content. They don’t know what to expect from you as they get a new tweet every time. This is a good way of building up a large number of followers.
  • Using Twitter only for self promotion. You are very likely to lose followers if you exploit this social media platform just to promote yourself and your business. Make this social media account more about customers than products. Instead of only promoting the business, use one portion for business promotion and the other to address the customers. This is the best way to build a rapport with the customer. Let’s say a customer tweets a about a good experience with your business, it is obviously going to get the attention of other followers and also the followers of the customer.
  • Only adding links to your content is another way to kill your fan following. What should be done instead is, find something written by other people that is related to your business/content. Ensure that this is interesting to your followers as well as others. This strategy will get you more followers.
  • Not re-tweeting others’ tweets: When tweeting, it is a good strategy to re-tweet some interesting post by others as well. This will give a good repertoire of various topics to talk about.
  • Not using characters before the @username: This is a mistake that a lot of people make. When you start a post with @username, only you, the @username and people who are following both of you can see it. This is like trying to intentionally kill a tweet. To avoid this, put a character such as a period in front of @.
  • When tweeting about a new article, instead of talking only about the article, it would be better to directly reference quotes from the article. This gets a more valuable response.

Twitter is a very good branding tool that can be used perfectly. If you are new to this social networking site and its ways, it is always best to go ahead and engage an SEO service provider who knows about Twitter marketing.

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Rajeev Rajagopal

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