New ‘Call-To-Action’ Button Can Bolster Facebook Marketing

Facebook made a significant announcement this December for businesses that utilize Facebook for marketing purposes that they are introducing ‘Call-To-Action’ buttons on Pages. As per the popular social network, this addition is a new way for users to interact with businesses. The call-to-action buttons link the users to any destination on or off Facebook that aligns with the most important objectives of businesses (for example, sign up for mailing list or shop at online store). In this way, the new feature can bolster the business marketing efforts to drive more audiences.

According to the official blog post, Page admins can choose from a group of call-to-action buttons and add to the top of their Page.

Call To Action

There are seven calls to action available such as:

  • Book Now – You can use this to direct visitors to make a reservation for your products or services.
  • Contact Us – This will help you to direct visitors to either your contact form or email you directly.
  • Use App – With this, you can let your visitors to open your app on their mobile devices.
  • Play Game – If your business is game development, then you can use this to invite visitors to play your games.
  • Shop Now – You can direct visitors to your online store using this.
  • Sign Up – Using this, you can direct visitors to the sign up page for your mailing list, webinars, newsletter or any other gated content.
  • Watch Video – As its name suggests, this will direct visitors to watch your videos for business marketing.

Facebook does not give any details about the call-to-action buttons. Though the feature will be available in the US over the next few weeks, the worldwide roll out will be next year.

Many online marketers were not happy with Facebook’s decision in November to reduce posts that appeared too promotional in its view. This step curbed many of the practices that had been used widely, especially call-to-actions. These marketers had no other option, but to devise some new strategy for customer acquisition through this social platform. The new call-to-action feature is a boon for those marketers, who can simply add the button they want to achieve their business goals. Dollar Shave Club (an online retailer) claims that the Sign Up call-to-action button they used over the course of a three-week test delivered them a 2.5x higher conversion rate compared to other comparable social placements aimed at driving new user acquisition.

Though this feature is really useful for Facebook marketers, they must ensure the quality of their content to enjoy the actual benefits. If the content published on the Page is not genuine and overly promotional, no one is going to click on the call-to-action button. You should also develop fresh, legible and authoritative content that keeps audience rooted to your Page. Use creative and attractive multimedia content apart from text. Consider obtaining the support of social media marketing specialists to make the most out of the new feature, if necessary.