New Study Reveals Factors that Improve Twitter Engagement

Increasing user engagement is critical for promoting your business on Twitter. A study published in November by Stone Temple Consulting, a leading Digital Marketing Agency, throws new light on Twitter engagement. As per the study, user engagement is primarily defined by Retweets (RTs) and Favorites. Around 36% of all tweets receive at least one RT and 43% of all tweets receive at least one Favorite, while only 0.7 of tweets receive a reply. Though lots of people have regular dialogues on the popular micro-blogging site, the platform appears to be more of a place for sharing news and information.
Twitter Engagement
Around 2 million Western language tweets were analyzed for this study and the main goals were to check out what really drives retweets, favorites and replies. The following factors were considered:

  • Social authority of the person posting the original tweet
  • Inclusion of media (images or video)
  • Character count
  • Inclusion of hashtags
  • Hashtag length
  • Inclusion of link
  • Domain authority of the shared link
  • Time of day
  • Inclusion of mentions

The study analyzed the collected data in two perspectives, Chances of Any Engagement and Total Engagement. The former concept focuses on analyzing what percentage of tweets receive at least one RT or at least one Favorite. The latter concept measures the total number of Retweets or the total number of Favorites received.

The key findings of the study are as follows:

  • Social authority has a huge impact on a tweet’s ability to get Retweeted or Favorited. High authority profiles on Twitter get more engagement.
  • Having an image in tweets doubles the chances of getting Retweeted or Favorited. The study revealed that around 68% of Retweets were generated with images while 30% were generated without images. 74% of Favorites were generated with images while 38% were generated without images. It was also found that including an image at lower authority levels will get you 5 to 9 times as many Retweets and 4 to 12 times as many Favorites.
  • The length of the tweet increases the chances of getting at least one Retweet or Favorite. But the effect of this factor levels out after 120 characters.
  • Hashtags moderately increase the chances of getting at least one Retweet or Favorite, but at a rate significantly lower than that of images. Around 49% Retweets were generated with hashtags and 32% without hashtags while 51% of Favorites were generated with hashtags and 41% without hashtags.
  • The length of hashtags has little effect on user engagement
  • Including a link in your tweet only moderately increases the chance of getting Retweets or Favorites (Retweets Generated – 43% with links and 33% without links, Favorites generated – 44% with links and 42% without links).
  • The time of the day has no impact on user engagement.
  • Mentions may increase the chances of getting at least one Retweet.

Key Implications for Social Media Marketers

With favorited tweets and retweets, Twitter supports real-time communication and human relationship and the possibility of talking directly to the people come under your business niche. This makes this micro-blogging site more social and an excellent platform for online marketers who focus on utilizing social media for their marketing purposes. This study provides them with the following key takeaways to enhance their marketing efforts.

  • While developing your tweet consider its specific content and context.
  • Whether you are mentioning someone, including a link, including a hashtag or when posting it, you should be guided largely by the intended content and context.
  • Include images for real engagement with your tweet. But they should be determined by the needs of the content. Use relevant and high quality images that can encourage users to see your tweet.
  • Give attention to character length.

Partnering with social media marketing specialists will help you implement these steps more effectively and more easily. These experts analyze your business needs and take the most appropriate steps to improve user engagement with your tweets intended to promote your business.

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