Social Media and Content Marketing – How They are Related

The Facebook campaign on half-off online pizza orders promoted by Domino’s Pizza, the leading pizza delivery company on Global Domino’s Day made 542,000 people click on local ordering sites and it resulted in record-breaking online sales in the U.S. Social media can indeed be used as a powerful business tool. But, if you think that just creating an account in Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking site and utilizing its features to execute your marketing plans can increase your sales, you are mistaken. If you don’t have clear content marketing strategies, social media is not going to work for you.

You may only be talking about your brand through your social media account. The audience will soon get bored of your advertisements and they will tend to disregard you for merely boasting of your brand’s qualities. Instead, if you put some useful information regarding your business and answer the questions of your audience through your content, it will convey your leadership, legitimacy and expertise in the relevant field. You can thus build a valuable relationship with the audience and convert them to your customers eventually.

The strategies developed by Marcus Sheridan for his pool company, River Pools & Spas in the U.S are a perfect example for successful content marketing. When the demand for pools and spas declined due to the bad economy, Sheridan employed content marketing strategies such as writing blogs based on the questions of audience, maintaining a content strategy that can’t avoid River Pools & Spas when searching anything about pools, mentioning the name of competitors on blog posts without listing his own company, writing eBooks, writing articles about the cost of various pools and checking the traffic using web analytics.

These strategies worked incredibly and River Pools & Spas now figures as the first result when searching for "swimming pool companies Virginia".

Swimming Pool Companies Virginia

Social media can connect your content to a large number of people compared to a company blog. Once you develop effective content marketing strategies, you can use social media to amplify the results. By using content marketing with social media, you can reap more benefits from each of them. In addition to writing the content on the social media page itself, you can share the link to your content in various sites (including the blog in your company site) as shown below in the Facebook page of Managed Outsource Solutions.

Facebook page of Managed Outsource Solutions

The practical and economical way to go about effective content marketing is to get support from a professional SEO company that provides effective content marketing strategies for social media optimization.

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