Tools to Help Set Up Your SEO Campaign

Organizing an effective SEO campaign from the very beginning is important from the point of view of business success. Today, search engine optimization is centered around Google as this search engine is used by the vast majority of people on a global level. SEO services therefore are designed in keeping with the new trends, tools and SEO practices that Google favors. A successful SEO campaign will ensure that the website gets a listing on the first page of Google search results and benefit from maximum search traffic.

With SEO becoming most of what is out there in the world of the web, it is important that companies have a list of tools that would help with their optimization campaign. Let us consider some of the efficient tools available.

Analyst tools

These basically are the tools that help analyze the data on websites, the traffic, the visitors and the ranking.


Majestic is one of the most popular link analysis tools available. This is a tool that analyzes the links and the different aspects of the traffic that comes to the website and the contents.


Ahrefs is a link that helps analyze the links. It also helps to find fresh links quickly. It provides accurate information and useful insights about each link.

Open Site Explorer

Open Site explorer. This has a much smaller index than the previous 2 sites; however, the user interface is one of the easiest to use.


SEMrush is a good SEO tool that focuses on advertising research, AdSense, organic research, backlinks, keyword research tools and ranks. It sets a high standard in terms of keyword position tracking. It will help your site to be organically found in search engine results.


Searchmetrics is a complete SEO tool that provides detailed analyses for content, SEO, marketing, social media and mobile. It helps to optimize a website’s performance and increase traffic, revenue and market share.


Buzzsumo is a tool that allows you look at the content in your niche and analyze the shares in the social network arena. This tool compares various sites and provides a complete view.


Nerdydata. A useful SEO tool that features pre-defined searches for SEO and allows you to search for anything on any website source code. The filters they provide can be used to segment the results, and sort them from a popularity or relevance perspective.


URLprofiler is a powerful analysis tool. It helps extract bulk data from websites and then to go ahead and analyze the data, links and so on.

Screaming frog SEO spider

Screaming frog SEO spider. This is a desktop analysis tool and helps correct broken

Long Tail Pro

Long Tail pro. This acts as a keyword research tool that can be used by large


Quantcast. This tool is to help get stats of websites without actually having full access to its analytics. The stats that it gives are around website traffic.

Similar web

Similar web. This is closer to the previous tool, but gives a more detailed insight into the sources of traffic. Helps analyze mobile traffic data as well.

Consumer barometer

Consumer barometer. Created by Google, this directly looks into the consumer’s insight into content and keywords.

Social Crawlytics

Social Crawlytics. Gathering statistics across many URLs was never simpler. This website helps with that. It even looks at new content and any new authors and so on.


Followerwonk. This is developed by MOZ and helps analyze Twitter accounts. This helps analyze all Twitter accounts and also looks at the different influencers.

Keyword eye

Keyword eye. Helpful in analyzing entry level and individual bloggers and

Keyword Snatcher

Keyword snatcher. This tool is a onetime payment tool and helps with keyword research. Uses different platforms to give the results of appropriate keywords.

Keyword tool

Keyword tool. This is a new tool helpful in keyword research.

Search Man

Search man. This works like the keyword research tool, however looks at the mobile apps. This is helpful in analyzing data for mobile apps.

Link prospecting tools

These are a set of tools that help in analyzing the new links and the prospects of these links. It also helps to analyze the traffic to these new links.


BuzzStream. Tool that helps in email prospecting. Helps extract data from websites about the email ids and helps to reach out to these email ids.


Scrapebox. This helps with keyword analytics, link prospecting also helps in broken link building.


HARO. Help a Reporter out (HARO) is a press request tool and helps with contact with the publications.


ResponseSource. This is mainly for the UK tool market and helps building links
as well.

Muck Rack

Muck Rack. This is a database of journalists and can help with link


BuzzBundle. This is like a live listening tool. It helps track movements across all social media platforms.


Mention. This works like Google alerts and gives alerts by email when a certain keyword gets mentioned.


Whitespark Citation Builder. This is a local citation builder and helps build citations for local builders.


WikiGrabber. Helps create content based on Wikipedia requirements. This would help create better citations.


Writtent. This tool helps create citations for content and has a good list of


Hostt. A free webhosting platform that helps host websites free of cost on any domain. Ideal for hosting multiple websites.

Performance measurement

These tools help analyze the performance of the website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics. This is the industry’s best analysis tool and is almost above competition.


Cyfe. Reporting on projects was never simpler. This tool helps integrate different tools and create reports of websites based on that.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social. This is a social listening tool, helps with different social media platforms and helps create analytics based on that.


Oktopost. Helps with the social media analytics. Helps track and create reports based on mentions on social media platforms.

Authority Labs

Authority Labs. This is a keyword ranking tool and helps track the keyword usage. Can be used as a combination of different tools.

With the help of the above tools you can create a solid SEO campaign. It is important that you track the use of the keywords and also keep an eye on the competition. These tools however, cannot replace humans and a good head on the shoulder is important to successfully use any of these tools. If you are looking to build a successful SEO campaign for your business website, a practical option would be to partner with a reputable outsourcing service provider that offers timely and reliable SEO services.

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Monica Barber

Monica Barber is the Internet Marketing Manager of MOS, a leading BPO company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She joined the MOS team in 2013 bringing with her a wealth of experience in SEO, Social Media, web design and Internet Marketing management. She has successfully designed digital marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 and small to mid-size companies and continues creating new MOS digital strategies to keep up with Google’s everchanging algorithms.