Bing Crosses Major Search Milestone as It Keeps Growing

In its competition with Google, Microsoft’s Bing has reached a major milestone – accounting for 20% of US search market share as per the findings of comScore. In other words, 1 out of 5 searches in the US are carried out on Microsoft’s search engine.

It’s the first time in its 15-year history that Bing has achieved this. It’s the position Yahoo had back in 2009. Since then it has slipped, and the 12.7% share it now has is largely due to the default search engine deal it has with Mozilla Firefox. Remember, Yahoo is also powered by Bing which takes the latter’s combined total search market share to 33%.

Bing Crosses Major Search Milestone as It Keeps Growing

Yahoo and Google Slip as Bing Grabs More

The comScore research also reveals that in March 2015 both Yahoo and Google have slipped 0.1% points from their February 2015 share. Bing has gained 0.3%, which could not only be the share grabbed from Google and Yahoo but also from smaller search engines further down the order. Yahoo still has a partnership with Bing which it will be looking to end so that other deals, such as the aforementioned deal with Mozilla, may be pursued which can help it increase its market share.

While Google is still miles ahead of Bing, the latter’s steady growth and the steps Microsoft is taking to raise its market share should keep Google on its toes. Perhaps borrowing the idea from Google, but expanding it further, Microsoft has made Bing the default search service for Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox, Office and of course the upcoming Cortana desktop assistant that will be released in integration with Windows 10.

Windows 10 and Advanced Bing Desktop Search

Microsoft claims that around 1 billion consumers are waiting to switch to a Bing ingrained operating system, and Windows 10 is coming soon. It would have a Bing desktop search bar. Most users wouldn’t change their basic settings and so they’d continue to use Bing and have it remain as the default search engine.

Microsoft isn’t stopping with it though. It is continuing to stuff Bing with more innovations to keep it in step with Google. Two of them are:

  • Real-time search, and
  • Desktop search – not just the ability to search from the desktop, but also the corresponding search information appearing as an overlay on the desktop rather than on a browser

These are innovations likely to appear soon. Such convenience enhancing features will certainly make users fall for it.

This is clearly an indication of not just the gradual rise of a worthy opponent for Google, but also of the fact that the increased intelligence and local nature of searches provide greater avenues for various search engines to excel in.

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