Relevant and Timely Content : How Facebook’s News Feed and Technical Algorithm Affects Your Visibility

Timely ContentContent quality is a major determinant in success with search engine optimization (SEO). Improving online visibility and attracting more targeted traffic is impossible without good informative content. Like Google with Hummingbird, Facebook is also serious about good content on user pages. The social networking site made this clear in August by announcing an update to their News Feed ranking algorithm designed to help ensure that the organic content people see from Facebook Pages they are connected to is the most interesting to them.

According to Facebook, the main objective of revamping their newsfeed is to display useful content when users log in so that they don’t miss anything that is important. What does this mean for SEO? Well, it simply means that if you want to attract targeted users on Facebook, the content posted on your Facebook pages must be timely, relevant, reliable and useful.

Even before the launch of its News Feed algorithm, Facebook used a technical algorithm to produce a personalized News Feed for each member. This algorithm considers several factors to determine its place on the News Feed such as the author and number of likes, comments, and shares. To develop its new ranking algorithm, Facebook conducted an extensive survey to get answers to the following questions:

  • Is the content is relevant and timely to you?
  • Is the content from a source that you can trust?
  • Can you share or recommend the content to others?
  • Is the content is genuinely interesting or simply aimed at getting you to share it?
  • Would you consider this content low quality information?
  • Would you complain if you saw this content in your News Feed?


In its official blog on the new algorithm roll out, Facebook said that the impact would be relatively small for most pages, but that pages with high engagement on their posts could expect higher traffic. Facebook offers businesses some suggestions to help generate high quality content and to optimize Facebook business pages for higher engagement and reach:

  • Ensure timely and relevant posts on your business page
  • When posting content on your Facebook page, ask yourself, “Would people share this with their friends or recommend it to others?”
  • Think: “Would my audience want to see this in their News Feeds?”
  • Build trust and credibility with your targeted customers

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Rajeev Rajagopal

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