Microsoft brings New Features to Bing Image Search

This April, Microsoft announced that it is introducing new features in Bing image search that will inspire users, allow them to learn more about the relevant image, and in general, do more with image search. According to the tech giant, image search engagement has grown significantly over the years and customers are using image search for various things like purchasing a product, collecting more details about it and finding related items. The new functionalities are being brought in to fulfill these needs. The changes have important implications for search engine optimization. By optimizing their images for Bing, web marketers can get an edge over competition.

What’s New in Bing Image Search

According to the Bing’s official blog post, the additional features that will enhance image search experience are as follows:

  • Shows More – When the user clicks on a picture on search results and scrolls or swipes, the search engine will display:
    • Places to buy the product in the pictures – This feature is meant to help you detect the pages where you can buy the product. More information will be added on for each source over time and other improvements will be made to enhance user experience
    • Related searches – Users can discover more images similar to the one they have found
    • Pinterest collections – You can locate other images pinned by Pinterest users who also liked and pinned the selected image
    • More sizes of the image – You can different sizes of the image available online
    • Pages with the image – User may be able to find more information about the selected image or take actions related to the image. For example, if the selected image is of food, one of the pages might show up a recipe

    Bing Image Search

  • Get More Details – When you click on a picture, the most relevant description of the image found on the web is shown in the middle of the bottom bar to help you learn more about it.
  • Bing Image Search

  • Redesigned Version – On clicking an image, you get a view that is redesigned which is cleaner and focused on what you are searching for. Mobile experience is updated by overlaying the information shown below the image.

    Eiffel Tower

Optimizing Your Website for Bing Image Search

To get more traffic to your site, Bing says that you need to work on enhancing your visibility on Bing search, which in turn means getting your structured data to Bing Image Search. This will enable Microsoft’s search engine to understand your content, which will improve your site’s visibility, and potentially attract traffic to it. Bing’s recommendations to help you accomplish this goal are as follows:

  • Make sure all your web pages are marked up with well-known schemas. Though the open schemas recommended are and OpenGraph, Microdata, Microformats, and RDFa are also supported.
  • When the search engine crawlers fetch the content in your page, schemas help the search engine to understand your content along with the associated metadata to enrich the knowledge surrounding an image. With more metadata provided with your image, it’s more likely that the search engine will bring up your content.
  • Add more context (for example, the image is related to a recipe) despite typical popularity and descriptive elements.

The new image search experience is being launched across PCs, tablets, and smartphones (including iPhone and Android). A new Chrome extension brings Bing Image Search information into webpages as they are browsed.