SEO and Google Plus Marketing

SEOThe days of advertisement through costly means of yellow pages and telemarketing are behind us. Social media networks have become significant as marketing platforms for your products/services. Google Plus is one such venue to promote your business; it provides a direct gateway to advance your business through search engine optimization or SEO, a practice that uses different techniques to improve the ranking of a website on SERPs or search engine results pages. You can quickly achieve a first page ranking on Google search through SEO if you know how to correctly utilize Google Plus marketing tools.

Google’s new algorithm Hummingbird has made Google Plus a central part of all online marketing and SEO planning for internet marketers, bloggers and content marketers. It also ties you to a lot of Google products and brings rewards for brands.

For a non-qualified visitor, Google Plus may appear only as another social networking site. For small scale businesses, Google services are very significant as the email they use is Gmail, their documents are on Google Drive, and the entire business is coded into the Google algorithm which influences as many people as they can reach through Google connectivity. In such an environment, it is pretty much imperative for businesses to have a strong presence on Google Plus.

Many online marketing companies specialize in providing SEO services for small scale businesses, building up an information rich profile on your business page. Social media marketing would accelerate your ranking in local search visibility, especially if yours is a startup business. The algorithms of search engines are ever evolving and blending in with social media, causing a serious overlap between SMO and SEO. The ultimate aim of Google Plus marketing is to incorporate quality content in your social network, or shall we say circles as Google likes it? It only requires your content to be accurate, relevant, interesting and updated so that it appeals to the readers. SEO services having detailed knowledge of Google algorithms would help the business gather and formulate high quality content about the topics from the specified category, which would lead the search engines to perceive you as an authority in your niche.

Google Plus Marketing

One of the most significant ways is getting Google authorship. Linking the Google Plus profile to the pages containing your content gives you Google authorship. The search engine would recognize your authorship and the category of the business industry more easily if the marketing department follows a few pointers

  • Profile optimization – It is crucial that your profile on Google Plus is optimized to make it more informative and appealing to your visitors. Make sure that all the fields on the profile pages that can be filled are filled up. For instance, the profile image must reflect your company logo or the intended professional image. Your personal website URLs and descriptions whenever needed must be loaded. An introductory video or an audio supplement or additional captivating images wherever and whenever possible, goes a long way in making the profile appealing. Visiting a profile with empty fields or scantily filled sections can be disappointing and it would mean the loss of an opportunity to make an impression on the reader. The thing that gets a business or a public profile even more authority is a verification of the account from Google, which is seen in the form of a blue tick mark next to the name of the profile.
  • Content – Google Plus is not just a visual but also a textual medium, so optimizing both of them is necessary to reap greater SEO benefits. Putting up longer posts is not beyond Google Plus like other social networking and micro blogging sites. You can and you should try to make a post rich with information while making sure it doesn’t drag along for too long. Support the link you provide with a brief description to it that highlights its purpose. Providing context gets people into the loop and helps accelerate the shares.
  • Headlines – to get noticed in the ocean of posts you need to make the headline of your posts unique and catchy. This will help the post stand out and along with that Google also incorporates the first few words of the post under the title tag of the post. Headline is what normally shows up on the SERP. A smart headline can considerably affect the number of people clicking on the page link.
  • Format – Breaking up long texts into shorter paragraphs takes off the cognitive tension from the reader’s mind. It makes your post comprehensible and allows you to put the message across simply. Using color themes and emphasizing your headline with bolds, using bullets, etc. impacts the readers’ perception of you considerably. However, you must not go overboard with it or the efforts will backfire.
  • Linking – In the internet culture, people are now learning to adapt to more than one medium of social networking. Optimizing Google Plus marketing will ensure maximum exposure. The +1 button is the means to extend your social connections to this profile. Using hash tags is all the rage right now and is expected to be so for quite a while. It makes search lists sequentially include everything that has the specific keyword.
  • Consistency – It is very important to keep the readers/visitors engaged. This can only be attained through consistently posting content of excellent quality. This increases the likelihood of people following you to receive the helpful information that you post regularly.
  • Interaction – By engaging with the readers you can connect with them on a personal level. This builds up long term loyalty within the reader. Responding in the comments on the Google Plus page, offering solutions to their doubts and problems paves the way for better understanding of their needs.

    SEO and Google Plus Marketing

Google’s SEO Gadgets That Help in Marketing

  • Google search engine considers Google Plus profiles and its pages as their own separate individual websites. There is hence an immediate indexing of Google Plus posts. Google has a tool called PageRank which affects the ranking in the search results. If your profile PageRank is higher, it will obviously possess high ranks in SERPs, and vice versa, a high rank comes with an assurance that the page is of high relevance and authority. An added benefit here depending on the perspective is that rankings of Google Plus posts are retained indefinitely, which means a brand or content can make the best use of that limelight.
  • Google+ Local is another part of Google Plus that is designed specifically to focus on businesses and their locations. It offers many features that help local consumers connect with the businesses on a social level. There are a few advantages of using this facet of Google Plus marketing
    • Higher visibility online, providing links enlisting your website, your business offers, and additional information that you wish to share with the customers.
    • Pairing up with Google maps which would automatically enable the customer to find your contact numbers, hours of operation, address, and means to get there, if you’ve provided all of the information.
  • Another handy app by Google is the Google+ Timings. It calculates the most favorable time to share a post with the public on Google Plus. The app needs approval to access your profile. It analyzes the patterns of engagement seen in your posts, and contemplates the best time to post, which would increase your chances of greater connection.
  • Google has added yet another feather to its hat – +Post Ads. It takes Google Plus marketing to a whole new level of advertising. It takes the most successful post on your Google+ profile and converts it into a standard sized ad which is showcased across the giant display network of Google. It is a brilliant way to gain exposure for your content that would never have got as much attention otherwise, as the content would have been restricted to Google+ circles. It is still in its preliminary stages, but + Post Ads lets businesses find customers at different points in their buying train. If they manage to connect with them through this paid promotion, they can still retain them once it is over on social media. SEO services are still getting adjusted to this new form of marketing.