Creating E-mail Campaigns for Mobile Users

E-mail CampaignsWith the increased and more frequent use of smartphones and tablets, it’s important for businesses to create effective e-mail marketing messages for mobile users.

For most businesses, e-mail campaigns are a popular option to keep in touch with and maintain relationships with their customers. The technique can be quite effective to attract customers’ attention even in this age of social media. However, while shifting focus to the mobile landscape, many businesses encounter a specific problem: their email designed for a desktop or laptop ends up looking terrible on mobile devices. That’s why optimization for mobile devices is critical for marketing success.

A survey by Constant Contact, an online marketing company headquartered in Massachusetts, revealed that around 80% of smartphone users considers it extremely important to be able to read emails on their mobile devices and that 75 percent are most likely to delete an email which is not readable on their smartphone. Another significant finding of this survey was that 79% of consumers are highly likely to reopen an email on their computer which was originally opened on their smartphone. This implies that designing well-optimized email campaigns for mobile users can spell greater success with your marketing efforts.

According to Constant Contact’s mobile product manager, the success of mobile emails could be due to their shorter content and fewer calls to action. This makes them make actually perform better than complicated and dense messaging. He recommends that simplifying email marketing campaigns is an essential and effective step towards becoming mobile-friendly.

Here are some effective tips to optimize your email campaigns for mobile devices.

  • Use Responsive Templates – Responsive email templates sense the screen size that the viewer is using and automatically resize the email to fit the screen. So your email will look the same on whatever device it is viewed on – a PC, smartphone or tablet. You can use email tools that come with responsive templates. If you are using a predesigned template, ensure that it is responsive.
  • Tempting Subject Lines, First Lines and From Lines – In any mobile email app, these are three lines that persuade the user to open and read the email. Use a personalized approach while writing subject lines such as adding personal words (for example, ‘You’ and ‘I’) and emotional words would be effective. A new study revealed that using movie titles and song lyrics in the subject lines are the emerging trend. The first line should be similar to the first line of the real email. Your marketing messages should look like they are coming from a real person, not from an automated system. A good strategy is to send the email from a specific person with a face and a name rather than sending it from the company as a whole. You should also make sure that you are using a mobile-friendly font (for these lines and the entire email content).
  • Reduce Size of Images – Though mobile download speeds have been increasing, it still takes time to load images that are large in size. People are more attracted to content with images than content without images. Reducing the size of the image files will ensure that they load quickly and capture the reader’s attention. If the content block is not big enough to hold the image in its original size, you need to scale down the images to fit the content block it is displayed in.
  • Make Call-to-Actions Attractive – In addition to placing a call to action button and link to your landing page, you need to ensure that both these elements are big enough for readers to tap on with their thumbs. Make calls-to-action clear, direct and understandable so that they stand out from the rest of the text and compliment the message in the email. Ensure that they specifically tell readers what they must actually do.

You should also make sure that the links you provide in your email direct readers to a mobile-friendly webpage. Mobile users are impatient and studies have shown that they tend to abandon websites that take more than 3 seconds to load! Creating an optimized email campaign for mobile devices is a critical task that requires specialized skills. The best option is to get help from professional internet marketing company.

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Monica Barber

Monica Barber is the Internet Marketing Manager of MOS, a leading BPO company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She joined the MOS team in 2013 bringing with her a wealth of experience in SEO, Social Media, web design and Internet Marketing management. She has successfully designed digital marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 and small to mid-size companies and continues creating new MOS digital strategies to keep up with Google’s everchanging algorithms.