Study Proves That Customer Communication via Mobile Messaging Is Welcomed

Customer Communication via Mobile MessagingOne of the major areas of focus for mobile application development is offering mobile messaging services.

Text messaging can actually help businesses communicate with their customers better. Customers do own smartphones, and messages to these devices are almost always seen promptly. This kind of removes the delay factor and is therefore appropriate for all kinds of urgent communication requiring customers to do some time-bound action.

A 2013 survey by Varolii is an eye-opener for businesses on the subject of customer communication. It showed that Americans welcome proactive, real-time messages and reminders from companies.

Americans love it when healthcare companies get in touch with them through email and text messaging. Though this trend has been noted among organizations across various business sectors, it is in the healthcare sector where this feel good factor among customers has been noted the most, if the results from the recent survey by Varolii Corporation are to be believed. Part of the reason for this is obviously the fact that people have more faith in healthcare companies handling their personal information than organizations in other fields.

Popularity of Reminder Messages

The survey by Varolii was conducted on 1,000 Americans and was exhaustive in researching how communications affected every part of their life. These areas included retail, cable services, phone services, utilities and finance, apart from healthcare. Among the messages consumers like the most are proactive messages – those that remind them of time-bound actions they must perform such as paying the cable fee before the due date to prevent service interruption.

Healthcare organizations sent reminders about the appointment with the physician or about vital medication. Up to 70% of the respondents believed that the proactive messages they received prevented them from cable service interruptions and overdraft fees, while 32% believed such messages kept them from missing a physician appointment or forgetting their medication.

In fact, respondents also named three kinds of health messages which they would welcome the most: 69% of the respondents said they’d love a message reminding them about an imminent vaccination or an appointment, while 57% said they would welcome messages reminding them of a prescription they need to order or reorder. About 39% of the respondents would love a message that reminded them about scheduling an appointment.

Healthcare Companies the Most Trusted

One of the other major revelations of the study was that 80% of the people surveyed trusted companies, particularly healthcare companies, in the matter of knowing when and how often to contact them for vital tasks. This also included insurance providers and pharmacists. Up to 79% of the respondents also favored email messaging over text messages though many were getting increasingly tolerant of text messages.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act demands that businesses secure written and auditable consent from consumers before sending them messages. It also mentions other conditions.

Mobile application development is now focused on making the messaging task easier for businesses. These applications allow businesses to send out bulk SMS messages from a mobile phone or personal computer. Offering consumer communications with effective reminders and content provisioning, these mobile web applications are helping businesses save time and money.