Look Out for Tweets about Your Business, Respond Fast

Tweets about Your BusinessYou never know how Twitter would suddenly bring you new customers, just out of the box. It isn’t just a text sending network with limited scope but something that offers unique opportunities for customer interaction and, as a result, marketing. Now we aren’t making an educated guess here based on what we know of Twitter’s features. It has been proven, thanks to research by Lithium published in October 2013.

The social software provider gave some striking observations following the research that was outsourced to Millward Brown Digital by Lithium. You see, Twitter has that canny ability to function as some kind of a chat service. That’s exactly what the research was based on.

Customers Expect Businesses to Tweet Back Soon

In fact, 72% of customers expect a response from the business if they tweet a complaint! That’s a whopping percentage. And that’s not all. 53% of customers expect a response from the brand whenever they tweet anything related to them or their product or service. The study was conducted among 501 consumers who were actively engaging in communicating with businesses on Twitter. The study ultimately concluded that the response time of a business to a tweet could determine its reputation.

60% of the respondents also revealed that they would act negatively toward a business which does not respond to tweets promptly. 47% of the respondents said that they would even recommend brands that responded promptly while 34% would buy more from the brand.

Twitter Marketing with Hashtags

Surely there is no further proof needed for considering twitter marketing as an indispensable element of social media marketing for businesses. Along with being quick in responding to customer tweets, hashtags are also crucial to success by helping to bring in new customers. Hashtags help group all the tweets you make into corresponding topic categories. These categories are of the format of “#” plus the name of the respective topic. Users searching for that topic would get a list of tweets which could include tweets you’ve made if they deal with the respective subject category. It’s a great way to get new customers. Hashtags work not only for Twitter but also for other social networks including Google+ and Facebook.

Take all these elements and make your social media marketing strategy foolproof. But you’d also need to carry out social media analysis to craft your social media strategy. A professional SEO company would offer invaluable assistance here.