Mobile E-commerce to Hit All Time High – Finds Study

Mobile e-commerce is becoming an important channel of retail for various businesses. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are changing e-commerce, and the many creative and useful mobile apps available now encourage the new trend.
Mobile E-commerce

Mobile E-commerce Grabs Big Chunk of Online Retail

According to the latest data by Critea, the U.S. mobile shopping market could constitute a significant 33% of all retail transactions by the end of 2015. The survey was conducted based on 1.4 billion transactions amounting to annual sales of over $160 billion. In the initial three months of 2015 alone, mobile retail transactions grew by 10%. In countries such as Japan and South Korea, over 50% of ecommerce transactions were conducted on mobile.

Interestingly, a study by Custora in 2014 also revealed a strong start for the mobile e-commerce industry that year. Here’s a comparison of the retail market share of mobile shopping in the last quarter of 2014 and first quarter of 2015 as compiled by Critea:

  • Mobile accounted for 27% of US e-commerce retail transactions in Q4 2014. By Q1 2015 the share had increased to nearly 30%
  • Mobile share in the e-commerce transactions rose to 38% for top quartile retailers in Q1 2015

Key Points Highlighting Growth of Mobile Shopping

The Custora report also highlighted other key points:

  • 36.9% of visits to online stores came from mobile devices, and that is up from 3.4% at the beginning of 2010.
  • Nearly 25% of e-commerce site visits in the U.S. came from smartphones, up from approximately 18% for the year 2013.
  • Twelve percent of e-commerce site traffic was from tablets, compared to just 9% in 2013.
  • Amazon has also quickly become a player, with purchases made on Kindle Fire tablets now accounting for 4.5% of all tablet orders.
  • Email marketing generated 26.7% of sales on mobile phones, compared to only 20.9% on desktop, and 23.1% on tablet.
  • Social media accounted for only 0.6% of sales on phones and 0.2% on tablets.

If anything, the surveys in 2014 and 2015 only prove that mobile e-commerce is steadily rising in importance, and could soon topple desktop or laptop-based retail transactions in the US, as it already has in South Korea and Japan. This, plus Google’s Mobilegeddon update should give you all the motivation and sense of urgency required to make your e-commerce site mobile-friendly.

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