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There was a time when website design services were not considered very necessary. Just the minimal and pragmatic information based webpage was acceptable. That won’t work today if you want your website to feature in the search engine results. We practically live our waking lives on the internet. Unless there is fresh and engaging content in it for the brain, a website won’t receive much attention. Customers will go for almost anything that they have a choice to buy online. Search engines leave no stone unturned when it comes to pulling up content. Staying in line with consumer expectations, what are the ways in which you can create a solid presence in search engines? The optimal solution is SEO website design. This signifies a website design that takes into account the audience, niche and usability.

SEO Website Design

A website optimized for the search engines will be found by targeted users easily; being user-friendly it will help visitors navigate through the material to find what they want easily. Implementing the correct design is not an easy matter. While the intention is to make the visitors interested in your content, it should not be too cluttered either if the visitor is searching for a simple piece of information.

Here are some major steps in creating a website design that is best suited for search engines and users alike.

Layout – Like any architect who plans to build a structure, a web design must also begin with a detailed blueprint. It is important to construct a website based on your prerogative of whether to inform people or to sell them stuff. Information seekers and customers are the two major types of web users. Your web design must cater to either of these types of users you mean to attract. The decision is to be made before you launch your website. The web design needs to be elaborate but concise. The navigation links should be enabled to show up in search results. Here are a few important considerations.

  • Know the objectives of your desired audience
  • Settle on what would and would not satisfy the audience
  • Establish shared vocabulary between your niche and yourself
  • Identify and maintain the most effective addressing tone and voice on your website

Competition – Being informed about your contemporaries is important while constructing a website. If they are already ranking high in search results, what are the techniques they employ? Is there a way in which you can better them by offering something exclusive? What is it that you need to offer in order to get ahead of them? For that, it is important to know the leading keywords used for your industry. To do the competitor analysis, essential tools are available.

Design Platforms – A search engine friendly website design will take into consideration two important factors. Firstly, how will the users navigate through the website? What typography and color combinations will have maximum impact on your visitors? Will you dispatch drop-down menus, and previous-next navigation sidebars among other navigation tools? Secondly, your focus should be on the search engines. Design experts will take care of it. While using straight HTML coding, the three most popular options include

  • Flash
  • PHP
  • Ajax

Each one of these has its own merits and demerits. Flash is currently the most widely used option. Its visual appeal is highly pleasing with sophisticated navigation and even gaming enabled through it. However, a Flash player has to be downloaded and not all devices have them preinstalled. Older visitors would probably have difficulty accessing your website. PHP allows web designers as well as users to create a vibrant web content. PHP requires server support and enabling. It does not require any special application downloading for page access. It needs a few programming skills that a layman may not have; thus, hiring website design services is a must in such cases.Ajax or XML is a web design format for creative interactive applications. Though a newer option, it is quickly getting popular as it allows for faster exchange of data. You can also opt for CSS or Cascading Style Sheets in your web design that helps manipulate the plain texts into graphical texts in order to get picked up by the search engines.

ImplementationWriting content and building templates for a website are just as crucial, if not more than, the web design itself. You must hire a competent team of content writers and editors. This is where you add keywords to your website content in all the right places. You must ensure that they show up in the Meta title and the Meta description and are consistently seen throughout the content. Images need to be used optimally, not too many, and should be always relevant; your website should make sense even without their aid.
Testing – Getting your website tested through multiple sources can help you significantly. Use reviews to rectify any flaws that may be present in the current format. Broken links are often the main cause of concern. Therefore identifying broken links is very important. Introduce a comments section as part of the web design. Suggestions left by the visitors should be given due consideration. Make sure you respond to the comments and suggestions promptly so that a direct connection is established with your visitors.

Mobile Version – I-phones and androids are an integral part of one’s life today. Indeed, browsing on the net on one’s phone is the favorite pastime when one is traveling light or is in between activities. You website will acquire greater visibility in search engines if a design is created which is compatible to mobile screen viewing. Responsive web design is gaining traction, which ensures that your website displays and functions well across all major devices and screen sizes.

Promotion – It is important to formulate a strategy to get the search engines notice your website. Promotion strategies include submission of your website to various search engines. Does the promotion package involve the non-internet medium as well? Branding of a website is crucial to SEO.

Maintenance – Staying updated about your competitor’s status is also an important maintenance aspect and you need to make sure that your website is equipped to stay at par with the competition. You can choose to train your in-house web design team in SEO, or if you have outsourced this process, it should be quite affordable for you to continue with them anyway. The search engine rankings need to be constantly monitored and if you think your website has begun to lag behind in the searches, you need to tweak it appropriately.

Keywords – The search engine with the fastest indexing service will allow the refurbishing of the keyword list in order to observe the maximum and minimum utility of keywords and phrases. That being said, it only works if all the Meta tags i.e. the titles and the descriptions contain keywords.

Any website will flourish if it keeps up with the trends and stays updated. Each aspect described above need constant revision, making SEO website design services highly relevant in the present day world.

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Rajeev Rajagopal

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