Docker Containers Improve App Development Possibilities

It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that this is the age of application development. It’s a world of exciting opportunities for developers, and one of them is named “Docker.”

Docker Containers

Why Docker Is a Boon for Application Development

Docker containers became a sensation in no time. For the uninitiated, Docker is a company that has created an open platform to build, ship and run distributed applications. Programmers and development teams are provided with the common tools required for making the best use of the distribution and networking capabilities of modern applications.

You can get your application along with its dependencies and configurations packaged together so it can work without glitches or shortcomings on any kind of infrastructure and in any environment. People involved in cloud IT and data centers have realized that application creation teams using Docker are able to ship software significantly more than those not using them. The key to this success is the concept of “containers” that helps avoid conflicts and issues caused by inconsistent environments, and makes the application more useable in various environments. The containers provide isolation from other services that run in containers. This makes apps easily modifiable without affecting other containers. The containers can also spin faster without consuming many resources.

Resource Isolation in Containers

When Docker is used for software development, the containers cocoon the software in a total file system which contains the code, system tools, runtime and system libraries required for it to run effectively – the stuff you would install on a server. It enables the software to function in the same, effective manner regardless of the environment it runs on.

These resource isolation features are of the Linux kernel including kernel namespaces and cgroups that facilitate independent containers running within one Linux instance rather than having to maintain virtual machines.

How It All Began

This breakthrough idea is the brainchild of Solomon Hykes, the French entrepreneur and co-founder of Docker along with Sebastien Pahl, who then roped in Ben Golub to serve as CEO of the Docker startup. The dream started as dotCloud, a startup that developed software which enabled coding on Amazon’s cloud. It was a great success, but when customers started growing enormously and Amazon started improving its own support, dotCloud’s days were numbered. The company was looking for a new direction when they found Ben Golub who agreed with Hykes’ new Docker idea.

The rest is history, and Docker has released its latest 1.7.0 version. With more possibilities, application development is really heading for good times and, with it, increased competition.

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