Does Outsourcing Social Media Work?

Outsourcing Social MediaShould social media marketing be outsourced? These days when almost anything is outsourced – customer support, back office, SEO and content writing, surely social media could too? But could something as personal and spontaneous as social networking ever be outsourced?

Well, it can! But it ultimately depends on what your strategy and objectives are.

Points Raised Against Outsourcing Social Media

Let’s get to the negative arguments first:

  • Losing the Personal Touch
    Social media is the place where you build contacts, and it has the personal touch. If your outsourcing partner isn’t sensible to enough to alert you when there are messages requiring your personal and prompt response, you could let that contact slip away and even create a bad impression for yourself. Social media messages and posts always drive engagement. Profiles too attract people who could be prospective business partners or customers who may want to personally communicate with you. But when you fail in that, it results in the loss of a contact or potential client.
  • Could Social Media Experts be Your Industry Experts?
    While outsourcing providers may have social media experts on board, they perhaps might not have the experience in the particular industry or business you are dealing with. Some industries need to be cautious or follow certain guidelines while posting on the social networks, which the external social media experts perhaps may not have a clear idea about. Regular briefing could take care of this though.
  • The Risk of Overspending
    Budget is another important factor. You’ll be looking for cost-effectiveness when you outsource. The time-consuming nature of social media could raise the costs to a level you are not comfortable with, though experienced outsourcing providers do provide a choice of packages you can select from. Social media marketing could be offered along with a range of other SEO services, which could make it attractively priced.

Benefits of Getting Social Media Outsourced

So much for the disadvantages – but would they be strong enough for you to think against outsourcing social media? Let’s check the advantages so you could make your decisions better.

  • Save Loads of Time for Your Staff
    One of the biggest advantages is the time you can save. If you acknowledge the seriousness and effectiveness of social media in building your online presence and driving traffic, you or your staff would have to spend a good deal of time in not only posting relevant and user-friendly stuff, but also in monitoring the social networks looking for any posts that require your immediate response. Outsourcing to an experienced and reliable provider would significantly take the burden off your shoulders, and you and your staff could focus more of your efforts on your core processes.
  • Get Social Media Experts to Work for You
    It is one thing to know about social media and quite another to know it intimately and feel its ebbs and flows. That’s what social media experts do. They live in the social networks, so to speak, and know of any changes brought to the various platforms, the new opportunities that have cropped up, and the general buzz in the networks. They could also have a clear idea of the best practices in social media. So wouldn’t it be better to get your social networking outsourced to them?
  • Cost Advantages through Overall Streamlining
    While cost advantages may vary between services, outsourcing social media marketing does streamline overall functioning for your businesses which eventually results in cost and resource savings. It would also enable you to focus on improving your business and increasing earnings which contributes to greater profitability.

Act According to Your Business Needs

So it all boils down to what suits your business better. It is no harm to do social media yourself, which is quite a rewarding experience. But if you haven’t got the hang of it, it would be better to get part of it outsourced and the rest carried out by your in-house team. Remember, social networking isn’t a daily job if yours is a small business. But larger organizations have multiple accounts to manage and outsourcing would be required on a larger scale for them.

Whether you decide to outsource social media or not, remember that it takes time to build relationships. Don’t rush it, and don’t go by the number of followers or fans.