Will Outsourcing Content Writing Work for You

Outsourcing Content WritingBusinesses think of outsourcing content writing at some point of time, though the mode of outsourcing varies. Many carry out content marketing in-house, though, and others are in a state of dilemma whether to outsource or not.

You do know that content relevance and quality are most important for Google’s algorithms. With user-friendliness and mobile-friendliness being among the primary ranking enhancing factors, content needs to serve the needs of users out there who could be your potential customers. Let’s say the success of your firm, in terms of potential customers you can target, depends a lot on the content you generate.

Outsourcing Content Writing for a Growing Start-up

Now you feel you have a way with content and you can make sure you can fulfill the needs of your start-up with regard to its site content, blog posts, article submissions and social media posts. So you wonder whether you really need to get it outsourced.

That might be fine in the initial days of your start-up, but it’s quite clear that:

  • You’d need to expand to have a content team
  • And you need to do some hiring for that
  • And then, you need to spend part of your resources on payroll, training, benefits, et al

The point of decision rests on whether the costs of maintaining an in-house team are larger than the expenses that could be incurred in outsourcing content with assured quality. If an experienced and reliable provider offers you the latter or if reliable freelance writers could offer that, surely you wouldn’t mind outsourcing, would you?

Setting up In-house Team versus Easy Outsourcing

Your in-house team would take time to set up and start delivering quality content. It could be months. The team would not only need to have content writers, but also graphic designers, web developers and SEO professionals. With outsourcing, though, you get content when you need it. All you need to do is specify the requirements, and you get it delivered on time.

Content is probably one of the tasks that can be easily outsourced.

  • You’ll find many freelance writers out there posting their profiles and looking for work
  • You can test samples and select the person to outsource to
  • Outsourcing content writing to an SEO firm wouldn’t be a hard thing as well
  • They employ trained and experienced content writers who understand the bigger picture

SEO firms would also be having SEO experts, web designers, graphic designers and social media experts in their team whose collective experience could significantly make a difference to not only your content marketing, but also your overall online marketing.

Outsourcing plus In-house

SEO companies provide various packages which could enable you to select and settle on a price. A 2014 research on B2C content marketing revealed that 61% of large companies with 1000 or more employees and 44% of small companies with less than 100 employees carried out content marketing partly in-house and partly outsourced. This seems to be the most popular option, which ensures regulated costs and also enables your team to maintain some sort of control over the process.

As a start-up, you could outsource the content part while leaving its placement and strategy in-house. You could also think of outsourcing content writing alone and handling the editing process in-house. And, as we said before, if you get quality content marketing outsourced within your budget and probably lesser than what you can manage in-house, you really wouldn’t want to miss out on the expertise. Content without quality is no content at all.

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Rajeev Rajagopal

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