Content Curation – How It Can Help Your Content Marketing Efforts

Content curation, in simple words, is the art and science of finding and sharing quality content on a specific topic. This is a form of SEO Copywriting where a publisher collects the best content related to a specific topic targeted at a specific audience and then enhances that content by adding personal opinions and expertise.
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Though it involves going through a large amount of content and choosing the best pieces, this process is less time-consuming than brainstorming, creating, and editing content pieces. Curated content can be published in the form of social media blog posts or email newsletters that link to informative, interesting content with your own insights added.

Build Your Brand with Content Curation

Done properly, content curation can be an excellent piece of your content marketing campaign, and can improve targeted traffic to your website, as well as your business leads and sales. It allows you to publish content more consistently, sharing the needed information that answers audience’s questions, thus earning their trust. Combined with content creation, curated content can help grow your brand, increase conversion, gain more backlinks and build relationships with other influencers and content creators.

Tips to curate content for your content marketing strategy:

  • Curate and share images as well as videos
  • Use social media platforms – Twitter, Pinterest
  • Include unique content as a part of curation
  • Link only to high quality sites
  • Content should add value for the reader
  • Take permission from curation sources to improve reach and value

Great content curation tools that would prove helpful in your content marketing strategy include the following:

Curata, which helps content marketers easily and consistently find, curate and share high quality content on particular topics for their target market.

Right Intel, where businesses can identify content valuable to their audience and then add their own opinions and insights with the Intel It! Function.

Trapit, where users can personalize their content needs by setting up “traps” based on the type of content they are looking for, and set as many as they want. The tool delivers relevant content based on individual preferences.

Content curation works as long as the content is original. Though many new tools are available to simplify the job of a content curation expert, human involvement is considered the most important factor for success. An experienced SEO company can provide the services of experienced content writers and editors who can evaluate content from a variety of sources, and find the right pieces to curate.

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Rajeev Rajagopal

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