Google Harsh on Non-mobile Friendly Websites

Mobile SEO is an important element of search engine optimization with many users going online using mobile devices as these are more convenient and user friendly when compared to PCs and laptops. Many people use mobile phones to get directions, news updates, for Google search, business purposes and so on. Mobile optimized websites improve user experience and create a positive impression.

Non-mobile Friendly Websites

A study conducted by Moovweb shows that many brands don’t have mobile-friendly sites and face ranking consequences on Google. The study was based on “1000 important e-commerce keywords in a range of industries” to find out how their mobile rankings were affected on Google.

The findings of the study are:

  • The top result was mobile friendly for 83 percent of the time
  • 81 percent of the time the top three websites (results) were mobile friendly
  • 77 percent of results (or 7.7 out of 10) were mobile friendly on page one of the Google mobile SERP (search engine result pages)

Mobile Friendliness of Search Results by Industry

Mooveb found that mobile friendliness showed variations according to industry verticals. Based on the examined keywords, the results indicate that out of seven categories (Retail, Health Care, Insurance, Travel/ Hospitality, Other, Education, Transportation)

  • Retail had the maximum number of mobile-friendly websites
  • Transportation had the least number of mobile-friendly websites

The websites that have mobile friendly design are ranked high whereas non-mobile-friendly websites face a drop in their ranking.

It is important therefore for digital marketers to focus on developing mobile friendly websites for higher ranking. They can opt for mobile SEO services and enjoy the best results from their business website. A mobile optimized website enables digital marketers to stand out among their competitors, attract targeted visitors and benefit from high ROI.

About Monica Barber

Monica Barber

Monica Barber is the Internet Marketing Manager of MOS, a leading BPO company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She joined the MOS team in 2013 bringing with her a wealth of experience in SEO, Social Media, web design and Internet Marketing management. She has successfully designed digital marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 and small to mid-size companies and continues creating new MOS digital strategies to keep up with Google’s everchanging algorithms.