New Google AdWords Report Editor – Explore Your Data with Charts and Tables

To ensure maximum coverage for your business on Google’s search results page, it is recommended to use a combination of search engine optimization (SEO) and AdWords. The latter is a quicker method of generating your sales and leads. Google is now rolling out its AdWords Report Editor that helps to analyse business performance data using multi-dimensional tables and charts. This unique drag and drop tool enables you to quickly view data from Google’s AdWords online advertising service. With this tool available now, there is no need for you to download your data and explore it somewhere else.

Google AdWords

AdWords Report Editor Benefits

  • Quickly build and manipulate multi-dimensional tables and charts using simple drag and drop actions
  • You can filter, sort and pivot your data so that you can focus on the specific information you require
  • Visualise the patterns and trends in the data using custom bar, pie or line charts to receive powerful insights

In simple words, here is what is possible with Report Editor.

  • You can view the number of clicks your ads received in a particular period, say a month. Then you can categorize the clicks by device type – laptop, desktop, smartphone.
  • You can look at all clicks that came from a specific search query, and then break that down to find out how many of those came from mobiles, how many from a desktop device and so on.

Google AdWords Report Editor

Analyzing reports for AdWords campaign, keywords and so on need not be time-consuming any more with Google AdWords Report Editor. It will provide a whole new data analysis experience to businesses, giving them more insight into which ads, AdWords campaign, keywords, and Ad groups are more profitable and which need more improvement.

AdWords Report Editor will roll out slowly over the next few months, according to Google. Needless to say, it is important for businesses to make maximum use of AdWords Report Editor to enhance their performance. To maximize the potential offered by tools such as these as well as other tools available, businesses can consider using the service of a professional SEO company that provides search engine optimization as well as other web optimization solutions.