3 Simple Strategies to Improve Your Video SEO on YouTube

YouTubeYouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. The most recent statistics suggests that Google attracts around 1.1 billion visitors monthly and next to that is YouTube that brings around 1 billion users. This means YouTube is the most frequently used apart from Google. YouTube has climbed up to the top with approximately 4 billion videos being viewed every single day. Therefore to ensure your presence on YouTube, optimizing you video is important. By using some effective video marketing techniques, you can make your videos search engine friendly as well as appealing to users.

To enhance your SEO on YouTube, follow these simple strategies.

  • If you wish to be seen as a lawful, authoritative and relevant brand on Youtube, it is important to create a profile and establish a name for your video. Register your brand and signing up for a profile is the first step. The next step is to select a channel name and then incorporate your trademarks or logos by uploading a distinctive banner. Another important task is to create a vanity URL. This is the most overlooked aspect when it comes to building your presence on YouTube. A vanity URL is simply a custom and easy-to-remember URL that is user friendly and also allows your channel to be found easily. The process of creating a custom URL, though simple earlier, is a little difficult now. A vanity URL can improve your presence on YouTube, so getting one is advantageous.
  • Another important factor is the description or the little snippet that appears in the search below the video. Apart from video thumbnail, these descriptions act as a reference for users while deciding which video to click on. The descriptions should be clear and concise, and also creative and appealing.
  • Keywords are another important element in improving video SEO. Using Google’s keyword planner tool, find the keywords that your targeted customers frequently use for searching. There are plenty of relevant keywords. Google and other search engines prefer to show videos for keywords such as reviews, how to, funny topics, health and fitness related content. Using long-tail keywords and using keywords in the same way visitors would use for searching are also important in improving your video SEO.

As YouTube is the most popular video website on internet, it is the best place to publish your video. Moreover, every business owner should understand the benefits of uploading high quality videos that have creative and appealing content. With competent search engine optimization services you can enhance your video on YouTube, while also benefiting from other web optimization solutions.

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Rajeev Rajagopal

Rajeev Rajagopal is the Vice President of Managed Outsource Solutions, a leading BPO company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Prior to joining MOS, he worked as a physical therapist. Having worked in several rehabilitation clinics, Rajeev has learned the importance of good medical records for medical billing and liability issues and the importance of the good back and front office support. He has extensive knowledge in SEO, medical billing and coding, and medical transcription. He has worked with a number of large organizations to effectively manage and provide outsourcing solutions.