Google Local Pack Fall from 7 to 3 listings

Recently Google updated its Local Pack to show only 3 business listings instead of 7. This change will reduce the sales and phone calls of those who were displayed earlier in the pack of 7 whereas it would bring more sales for those businesses which are among the top three. The updated local pack has been redesigned to suit the mobile user interface. Google’s focus on mobile users is evident, which once again emphasizes the need for mobile website optimization (SEO).

Google Local Pack
Google has removed specific addresses from the list. A searcher has to click through to the website to get the exact address. Another change is that the phone numbers are no longer accessible to searchers. They can get the number either from the websites directly or click through the listing.

The other changes in the updated Google Local Pack are:

  • An interesting change is that the familiar Google+ links have been removed.
  • Depending on the time of day of the search, they have added the store hours, including the opening and closing time.
  • Google reviews are no longer available in the latest Google Local Pack of 3. They are simply called “reviews” and show the number of reviews for each business.
  • Users usually scroll over the list of businesses to see the fly outs displayed on the right hand side. This is no longer available in the redesigned version of Google Local Pack.

When a user clicks on any place or business on the list other than website link, it shows additional local listings and the map. 20 local listings are available per page.

According to a Google spokesperson, the new Google Local Pack of 3 offers a better search experience for users. This redesigned version will provide more relevant information including photos, reviews and prices for searches that have more than one result for a given location.

Google is known for its frequent updates that sometimes come as a surprise. To keep abreast with this search engine giant’s algorithmic changes and updates, the best alternative is to enlist SEO and mobile website optimization services. This will ensure that business websites are mobile friendly and meet other requirements necessary to rank high in Google’s search engine result pages.

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Rajeev Rajagopal

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