Important Tips for Using PPC to Build Your Business

PPCThe ultimate aim of any business owner is to increase sales through various channels of marketing. But it is often challenging for many business owners to find and use the right strategy for marketing. Out of many techniques, online marketing is the most important one and it is the best and quickest way to gain sales. For online marketing, pay-per-click campaign is an important marketing strategy that every business owner should be aware of.

Pay per click is a way of using search engine advertising to generate clicks to your website rather than earning those clicks through search engine optimization. A small fee is paid to Google whenever a visitor clicks on your ad. Before choosing pay per click method, business owners should consider the nature of their business.
Let us consider five different business scenarios.

  • For new and local businesses PPC is very important. It enables them to receive more calls and walk-ins. PPC helps to get found easily online and is an effective method of marketing for local businesses. However, often many businesses do not set up a proper tracking system. They send traffic to their website’s homepage but go wrong in tracking phone calls, reservations and inquiries. For campaign success and excellent return on investment local businesses should use unique phone tracking numbers, landing pages and special offers.
  • Law firms, insurance brokerages, and mortgage loan offices provide professional services that would merit from high visibility. They strive to outperform their competitors.PPC offers a great opportunity to build awareness and visibility but for these industries PPC rate is higher. So, these professional services should be aware of the actual cost of running a campaign when choosing PPC to build visibility and awareness.
  • PPC is crucial for business owners who have e-commerce websites but they should also consider the cost per click. PPC may be riskier if the amount of cost per click is close to or exceeds the price of the product. Another important concern is regarding the competition for the product. If the price and shipping fee for a product is equal to or higher than at trusted sites like Amazon, then the chances of a visitor to buy from an unknown online store is low.
  • PPC may be complicated for businesses that sell customized items like apparels, gifts and such other items. This is because the process from discovery till order completion may involve a lot of steps and considerable setup to finalize the order. Such businesses would benefit from simplifying the entire sales cycle and also using other strategies such as automated coupons, signups and so on in addition to paid ads.
  • Most service business require long sales cycle that might take months or even a year. These businesses do not have offers like free shipping or discounts that help achieve more conversions. The best strategy is to think about the life time value of the customer rather than focusing on CPA or cost per acquisition. The CPA may prove to be high, but PPC can be profitable if the lifetime value of customer is higher.

Business owners should clearly understand what matters most to their business as well as what they hope to achieve from their campaigns. For a successful PPC campaign, businesses should focus on correct practices. Reliable SEO services can help enhance organizations’ online presence by providing insightful solutions. They will ensure that search engines generate more clicks to your website via PPC.

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Rajeev Rajagopal

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