Best Ways to Use LinkedIn as Marketing Tool

The entire internet marketing landscape has changed dramatically with the introduction of social media. New avenues have opened for marketers that did not exist before or were too complicated. Along with search engine optimization, social media marketing amplifies your message, enabling you to reach a wider audience, build brand awareness and engage new customers. By integrating social media into every marketing campaign, product launch and promotion, you can generate enthusiasm and create an opportunity to increase consumer awareness.


Among the popular social networks, LinkedIn is an extremely useful platform which has a lot of features. However, it is often underutilized and businesses don’t get enough exposure as they deserve. So, it is important to know the best ways to use LinkedIn to its fullest potential.

LinkedIn is the third most popular social network right behind Facebook and Twitter in terms of monthly visitors. This social network is centred on careers. It helps users to connect and share with other professionals including colleagues, potential employees, and business partners. It also acts like a marketing tool with the help of these wide career-oriented network connections. It helps you to engage with decision makers in your target market. The goal is to be consistently visible and provide valuable information.

Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile

  • Current and complete profile is the most important element. Users look at your profile when they receive your connection. It is important to create a complete, professional-looking and up-to-date profile.
  • Status updates helps you to keep your connections informed about your current affairs. Status updates should be brief and actionable; it can also include links that are related to your content on your website.
  • You can integrate your LinkedIn status updates with your Twitter account. This will keep your followers and your connections informed.
  • Posting your Power Point presentation to SlideShare or Google Docs is useful. These presentations can be displayed in your LinkedIn profile.
  • Share your reading list by linking your profile with sites like Amazon, which display the books you are reading.
  • Post your blogs in your website. This will be automatically updated in your LinkedIn profile with post title, abstract and link that enables to access the full post on your website.
  • If you wish to conduct training sessions or any other event, LinkedIn Event will help to promote your event or training sessions. This will also generate interest in your event.
  • Post your portfolio and LinkedIn will help you to showcase your creative work.

Efficient Use of LinkedIn features

LinkedIn provides a wide range of community features that will help you communicate with other users.

  • Expand your company page: Once your profile is completed and updated, then the focus should be on your LinkedIn company page. You can create a page for your company and write an overview of your company. You can add your services and products, publish headquarters and website address, post target jobs, and recruitment videos.
  • LinkedIn group: It helps you to stay in touch with your connections. It enables you to create a group where you can discuss and share your interests. This is a way of building new contacts and nurturing good relationships with people.
  • LinkedIn answers: Ask questions and get accurate and quick replies from your network and other experts worldwide, this is possible with the help of LinkedIn answers. It is a great way to share business knowledge and also showcase your knowledge, expertise and interest.

A Great Marketing Tool

LinkedIn is a useful marketing tool that will help you to boost your business. The following steps will help you to gain positive results.

  • A LinkedIn profile will help you to create a LinkedIn web address that shows a set of letters and address. You can customize this address and create an address with your name.
  • Find new prospects on LinkedIn and see how you are connected to them. You can use LinkedIn’s introduction features to ask one of your connections for an introduction.
  • With the help of LinkedIn you can find valuable employees who can bring success to your business. LinkedIn is an easy place to find a pool of candidates who have the potential to boost your business. Post job offers in LinkedIn to find talented candidates.
  • Actively participate in LinkedIn groups by answering LinkedIn questions. This will provide you the opportunity to be an expert and thought leader.

LinkedIn helps you to expand your connections and is a great way to increase your influence,increase connections and accomplish your goals.

You can optimize your profile and be visible to people searching LinkedIn for key terms you want to get found for. You can add keywords to various sections of your profile such as your headline or summary. A professional search engine optimization service can help you in optimizing your write-ups. Trained and experienced social media experts will help you enhance your online presence,improve your credibility and enjoy excellent customer relationship.

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Rajeev Rajagopal

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