Custom Website Design – Avoid Flash to Prevent Security Breaches

Flash LogoHere is something to take note of with regard to custom website design. Recent revelations of critical security breaches in the Flash software’s code have strengthened calls to do away with the software.

Mozilla Firefox has blocked all Adobe Flash versions including the version. This isn’t surprising considering Flash’s negative reputation for providing opportunities for hackers to gain access to consumers’ systems.

Flash Risks Could Impact Custom Website Design

Significant vulnerabilities have been discovered in recent Flash versions, and despite Adobe being aware of this, the company has not reportedly taken any action to rectify the issue. Windows, Mac and Linux systems have found to be affected. Researchers have discovered crypto-ransomware being served to systems with Adobe Flash. This has unsurprisingly led to Mozilla adding all Flash versions to its block list.

The shocking revelation about a spyware giant taking over computers to infect malware using two major vulnerabilities in the Flash code has strengthened the voices raised against Flash. And now Facebook has joined the call for the demise of Flash.

Adobe Flash Risks

Is Adobe Doing Anything about It?

Perhaps Adobe is now starting to take things seriously. Reports have emerged that Adobe has released an update to deal with the Flash security flaws. Sources say that the update deals with some of the critical flaws that were responsible for placing computers at risk of unwarranted intrusions. Adobe has confirmed the update.

Mozilla revealed that it could re-enable Flash on Firefox when Adobe releases a safer version, one that isn’t actively engaged by hackers. Now whether Adobe’s reported updates would be enough for Mozilla to revoke its ban isn’t clear. The criticism has been pretty severe from all quarters.

Mozilla’s Security Strategy

This isn’t the first time Mozilla has blocked plugins. Problematic plugins such as Java have been blocked before and this is how Mozilla takes care of security. It is of the opinion that the security of users is of greater importance than web experience, which is a stand you will agree with.

However, the blocking of Flash is not likely to affect user experience much since less than 11% of websites are dependent on Flash for conveying a rich user experience. Even YouTube isn’t Flash-based though it once used to be, when users had to install Flash plug-in for watching YouTube videos. Now YouTube has resorted to other means such as HTML5 to play videos.

Now where does this leave Flash web design? Interactive web content could be engineered through many means, which is exactly what efficient custom website design is all about.