Google Glass Could Make an Impact on Medical SEO

Google GlassMedical SEO has proved to be a hugely competitive field. With people increasingly turning to Google for medical advice, the potential is great for healthcare practices to grab the attention of seekers.

As with any website, the rules of Google’s algorithms demand:

  • Quality, interactive and relevant content
  • User-friendly interface
  • Mobile optimization

With the mobile-friendly algorithmic update of April 2015, Google has reacted to the increasing percentage of mobile search which, it declared, in May 2015 surpassed computer search in many countries including the US.

Documenting Medical Procedures with Glass

The use of Google Glass could help make your medical website a lot more interactive and also increase your reach in the social networks. It could help you document medical procedures which could be posted in your website or social media accounts.

When Google Glass was launched, people figured it would revolutionize the way we do things. But no one could have imagined how great a role it could play in documenting medical procedures effortlessly. Physicians and healthcare facilities have experimented with this technology and been really impressed by the potential on offer.

Capability of Google Glass Experienced

Google had launched the Google Explorer Program for users to sign up, discover and stay updated with its potential. Among these were physicians, one of whom is Dr. Rafael Grossman.

Dr. Grossman had documented his use of Google Glass while performing Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastronomy. He did mention that he took extra care to not stream sensitive data. He also acknowledged the existence, on the one hand, of significant privacy concerns the device posed and, on the other, the immense possibilities it has in making healthcare more effective, particularly in consultations, emergency medicine, telemedicine and surgery.

Transforming Video Capture and Live Stream

Google Glass could help document procedures, which could be included as videos in websites of social media posts and draw in viewers and traffic. And, as a physician and owner of a healthcare practice, you wouldn’t have to take extra effort for that. All you’d need to do is strap on the Glass goggles while carrying out the procedure as Dr. Christopher Keading did in streaming live the knee surgery he performed. This could help in medical education as well. Live streaming of procedures could be used for taking online medical classes for students geographically apart.

The advantages sure seem to be too great and numerous to ignore. With adequate measures in place to deal with security and privacy, Google Glass could turn out to be the great find in healthcare SEO.

But Google has to re-launch Glass, and let’s see what the revamped versions have in store.