Google Taking Action to Tackle Doorway Pages

Doorway PagesMost doorway pages try to maximize the search footprint of the sites they appear on. These simple HTML pages are designed to rank for a few specific keywords or phrases, and they are created only for search engines and their spiders. These multiple pages put up by webmasters basically lead to the same destination. They are put up on the web externally or within their website to rank multiple pages in the SERPs, but have somewhat similar content and lead to the same link or site.

In its continuing effort to improve the quality of search results, Google wants to deal with doorway pages more firmly and prevent them from get ranked in search results. Google has announced that they are going to release an adjustment in the ranking system for their doorway page classifier so as to minimize the impact of these pages, which are considered webspam.

Google’s Concept of Punishable Doorway Pages

Webmasters need to fully understand Google’s concept of doorway pages, or else their SEO efforts would be in vain. Google has put forward some questions which you can ask yourself to know if you’ve got doorway pages:

  • Have you maintained pages simply for optimizing for the search engine and channeling visitors to some relevant or actually usable part of your site? Or are those pages actually useful for readers or part of their experience?
  • Is the content on your pages of a specific or specialized nature while the pages have been conceived to rank on generic terms?
  • For securing more search traffic, do your pages have duplication of “useful aggregations of items” which are already present in the site?
  • Have you conceived these pages only for securing affiliate traffic and channeling users to another destination while not providing unique content value or functionality?
  • Is it impossible or hard to navigate to these pages from the rest of your site? Have the links to these pages from other pages of your site or site network been created only for search engine tracking?

Google AdWords Landing Page Concerns

There have been discussions among webmasters and SEO experts as to whether these conditions would also affect landing pages in Google AdWords PPC campaigns. Since Google has clarified this, experts suggest using individual landing pages catering to each ad group, which would also ensure better conversions.

If you have pages that Google would consider spammy, you’re at risk of a penalty strike. It would be wise to rethink your SEO strategy and remove such pages immediately. Seek assistance from a professional SEO service provider if necessary.

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