Increase Your Website Traffic: 6 Growth Hacking Steps

Website TrafficNowadays relying on SEO alone to drive traffic to your website may not work anymore. So you have to look beyond that to attract more users to your website.

Growth hacking is a marketing technique developed by technology start-ups which uses creativity, analytical thinking and social metrics to sell products and gain exposure. It can resolve issues in five categories; acquisition, activation, retention, referral and revenue. It is important to note that growth hacking is a means to accelerated growth, but not a means for continuous growth and improvement. Growth hacking in the acquisition and activation category can

  • Reduce your cost per lead in paid advertising
  • Help generate leads
  • Encourage users to share content
  • Increase the quality of leads you receive

So, here are 6 steps which will help you to boost your website traffic.

  • Home pages should be minimal. Minimal homepages are very effective at generating sign-ups. In order to know the effectiveness of minimal homepages, organizations have conducted tests. They set up two homepages in which one was minimal and the other one was not. The results showed that minimal homepage yielded more than 10 times the number of signs compared to the other one.
  • Surveying your users is another tip to drive traffic to your website. By surveying your users, they produce useful data to improve lead generation. You can ask questions such as “Is there anything preventing you from signing up?” You can provide a wide range of answers and also give fill in the blank option.
  • Another tip is to build an appealing landing page. It should be unique and avoid duplication of content. Different offers to target the customer segment can be used; also, highlight different selling points on each page. It is better to direct ad traffic to landing pages rather than your homepage.
  • Landing page links will distract users from your call-to-action. Many firms have seen increased rates once they have removed navigation links from the landing page. But links in the footer are necessary for search engine optimization. These links can have two variations – one for those who know the website and the other for those who found the website by chance, hacking for both should be done.
  • Using paid ads to test headlines and images is good. This is because people will be exposed to the ad and some ad platforms charge you as per clicks. So, you can spend very less to get more data. It is better to turn off ad optimization while testing because many platforms will stop sending traffic to one variation to reduce your ad spend. This will spoil your test scores.
  • Providing free content in exchange for user’s details is an incredibly useful tool. If you don’t have resources to set up a system like this, offer videos, e-books or webinars showing your industry expertise.

These useful growth hacking steps can bring increased traffic to your website. It is better to obtain reliable SEO services to manage these requirements. They are experts in handling such tasks and affordable. Moreover, they ensure completion of your project in a timely and efficient manner.

About Rajeev Rajagopal

Rajeev Rajagopal

Rajeev Rajagopal is the Vice President of Managed Outsource Solutions, a leading BPO company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Prior to joining MOS, he worked as a physical therapist. Having worked in several rehabilitation clinics, Rajeev has learned the importance of good medical records for medical billing and liability issues and the importance of the good back and front office support. He has extensive knowledge in SEO, medical billing and coding, and medical transcription. He has worked with a number of large organizations to effectively manage and provide outsourcing solutions.