How to Promote Your Business Event Using Social Media

Promote Your Business Event Using Social MediaConducting business events is one of the important marketing techniques used to promote a business. It helps in building a positive relationship with the customers, provides visibility and improves professional connections. It is important, therefore for any company to hold business events to build awareness and also increase sales.

The best way to promote your event is via social media platforms where user engagement is optimal. Social media optimization companies can identify the right strategies to promote individual business events. Strategic SMO ensures business promotion as well as constructive community engagement.

Here are a few steps that you can use to promote your business event using social media.

  • Creating promotional videos on popular sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and others about the event can help secure the attention of potential customers. The video should convey the value of your event to viewers and also make them aware of the advantages they stand to gain if they attend the event. It is important to upload the promotional video on your website and also mention about it in your newsletters, articles and blog posts. These videos can be shared among friends, family and customers.
  • Advertisers can show event ads to Facebook users. Remarketing or retargeting involves showing your ads to people who have already visited your website. It is important though, to exclude those customers who have already made a purchase. For this, create a custom audience from the same page (your thank you page) that you used to track conversions. Big ticket items like conventions and conferences can benefit from remarketing strategy.
  • Creating graphic images with comments and quotes from speakers and attendees of your previous events and sharing these visuals on your social media platforms, blog posts, and email marketing campaign is a good technique. If you acknowledge the commenter, there is every possibility that your graphic will be shared. You will also benefit from positive feedback they provide regarding your event. You could also consider creating a testimonial video.
  • Encourage fans, affiliates and attendees to share your event by providing a web page with branded downloadable resources that suit any platform. Make it easy for them to share, tweet or comment on your event. A button on your thank you page will enable attendees to easily share a post or tweet. Video, audio, articles, graphics, social media updates, blog posts, newsletter updates and so on that are downloadable will encourage your fans and affiliates to share your event.
  • If you have already conducted a similar event before, display photos of those events and also make status updates. This will enable people to share their view; in addition you can gain the attention of new customers.
  • Posting photos or your experience in organizing is a great way of generating buzz and boost engagement. You can also post about the venue and surrounding areas, route to important site/ location, bloopers, and fun things to do in the area.
  • Post pictures of speakers with quotes. Share one powerful statement from each of your speakers and create graphics using their photos. This gives the speakers and your event additional exposure.

Some other tips are:

  • Creating an event page on Facebook makes it easy for the audience to provide updates about the event.
  • Use video invitations on Instagram and other similar sites to welcome new users.
  • Create, use and market event specific hashtags on your websites, articles newsletters.
  • Mention your event and hashtags in the Bio section of each of your social accounts.
  •  Add your event into your email signature.
  • Highlight Facebook’s call-to-action option to entice more audience.
  • Discuss the event and its updates in your podcast
  • Create a group post that highlights the talent of your event speakers.

These are some of the social media marketing techniques that can be effectively used to promote your event. Attempting new techniques and taking feedbacks from your audience is also recommended. Social media optimization services can help enhance your online presence on various social networks and also help in building community engagement.

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Monica Barber

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