Improving Local SEO by Gathering High Quality Links from 5 Reliable Sources

Obtaining high quality back links from within your local community helps in improving your search engine optimization. However, all links do not have the same value. This means that there is no point in securing a large number of useless links. In the long run, low quality and spammy links can cause more harm than good to your website.

Local SEO

Even with a limited budget, secure high quality link-building can be ensured by targeting backlinks with the following characteristic features:

  • They have high quality metrics, which will help you enhance your website’s authority.
  • They are seen by prospective customers, which will bring quality and targeted traffic to your website.
  • They improve your company’s image – so aim to obtain only links from websites you want your business to be associated with.

Here are five sources that can help you build high quality links for your local SEO effort.

  • Local media

    Staying connected with local media will help you obtain good links as well as valuable branding and advertising free of cost. Local media provides a large source of link opportunities. It is important to stay alert to what is happening in your area and also scan media websites on a daily basis. For example, suppose you own an inverter company. Your area experiences frequent power cuts and this is reported in the news. As soon as you see local media picking up that story, you should contact them with an offer to provide content for their website and information for their broadcast. Alternatively, you can also approach local media outlets saying that you have prepared a step-by-step guide for buying and installing inverters, and whether they would like to put it up on their websites as a source of information for the public. Most media outlets may be interested in taking up your offer.

  • Local non-profit organizations and schools

    Local non-profit organizations and schools offer sponsorship opportunities that highlight all donors on a dedicated website page. Search for these opportunities to identify excellent link opportunities. Find schools that have school websites as well as local charities and non-profit organizations.

  • Local awards and contests

    Take part in local contests and awards handled by local magazines, newspapers and entertainment websites. Typically, businesses are allowed to nominate themselves and readers are asked to cast votes to identify a winner in each category. You can submit your business to as many of these “best of” contests as possible to have a better chance at winning. After submitting, request your customers and social media followers to vote for you. The advantage of this strategy is that if your business manages to secure “best of” award, it is very likely that you will earn good links.

  • Local partners and suppliers

    Get a list of a particular business’ suppliers, after establishing a good relationship with them and ask if they would list you as one of their preferred buyers. This will help you to secure a nice link. Also, you can ask if they would like you to provide them with a testimonial for their website. This approach is applicable to any local business and is a mutually beneficial win-win situation for both the parties.

  • The Better Business Bureau

    Any business can acquire this link provided it meets the requirements needed to be an accredited member of your local Better Business Bureau. There is an annual fee for being an accredited member but the benefits are more than just links – trust, credibility and the fact that many customers make buying decisions based on whether or not a company is accredited by the BBB.

The tips above mentioned will help you evaluate your visibility in local search results and also build quality links for local SEO. For efficient local search engine optimization, utilize reliable SEO services.