Novel Strategies to Engage Your Audience with Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingSocial media marketing has become a much more focused art than when it first came on the scene. It is now much more than just posting on the social networks.

Social media has always been thought of as a great marketing tool that does not sound like marketing. It brings in followers who could become potential customers and has tremendous reach geographically and across other barriers. But, besides promoting your company’s online presence, it could also help build its physical presence. This is the strategy that NASA uses.

NASA Bridges Social Media and Physical Engagement

It has been reported that NASA discussed plans for connecting the online and physical presence of the organization at Atlanta in June 2015 at the Social Shake-Up. In fact, measures to execute these plans began back in 2008. It involved programs such as advertising events based around interesting space occurrences. People were invited to apply for these events, and they were provided with exciting behind-the-scenes perspectives so that they could experience something others could not. People who went through these experiences shared them on the social networks with friends and followers.

Thus, the organization established itself in the minds of a wide range of people, all thanks to its fans who become its “ambassadors” and evangelized for space exploration, generating public awareness and interest. This novel strategy works on a personal level, much more than any marketing campaign can achieve.

So what can businesses learn from this? Outreach programs can accentuate the effectiveness of social media efforts. There are many innovative ways this can be done even for companies not in the public sphere like NASA. Organizing exciting events is a great way to engage people. The resultant social network discussions could drive engagement.

From Social Networking to Online Communities

Building online communities is as important as social networking. Online communities have become crucial to business strategy. Communities can influence brand awareness, company reputation and customer engagement and relationship.

Experts believe that companies should drive greater engagement by creating their own forums after starting out with those familiar platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Such forums develop communities that can eventually contribute to bringing in customers. It is the result of deep and intimate conversations with other forum members and your company itself. It builds relationships. This is the stage following marketing, where, after prospective customers get to know your brand, they need to be brought into the fold.

Online Communities Can Influence ROI

Companies have even begun to match their ROI with the efficiency of their online communities. It is a path that can bring in marketing success without sounding like marketing. It is where the public takes over and does it for you.

Outsourced social media optimization services could help build online communities for your company. With their experience in social media marketing, the staff of a reliable SEO company would know what’s best for your business and how to go ahead with a strategy that suits you best. It may all sound elementary, but building communities and driving social media engagement can serve you better if done professionally.

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Monica Barber

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