Google’s New Algorithm Change to Target Hacked Spam

Target Hacked SpamThe latest news in the SEO world is regarding Google’s new algorithm changes intended to target hacked spam. Google’s new series of search algorithm changes are expected to aggressively target hacked spam in its search results. This will improve the relevance of search results and protect users and webmasters.

Starting this month, Google will start de-indexing pages that are found to contain spam or hacked content.

The algorithmic changes will have an impact on 5% of queries based on the language. With the new change, users may observe that for certain queries only the most relevant search results are shown, which means that the number of results shown will be less.

With the search engine giant’s frequent modifications to its algorithms, dedicated SEO services become highly relevant for businesses looking to rank high in the search engine result pages.

What Is Hacked Spam?

Hackers have always been a problem for website owners. They exploit any security vulnerability they find on a website. This will result in many legitimate websites being compromised. These websites look normal but hackers may place malicious codes on these sites, which will expose the users to malware. However, with Google’s new update the compromised pages will be removed, providing a safe browsing experience for users.

This new system will refine the search engine’s tactics for dealing with low quality content. The hacked sites are penalized which makes it easier for webmasters who have been hijacked to restore the good reputation of their domains. According to Google’s Search Quality team, there has been an increase of 180% in the number of hacked sites and 300% increase in reconsideration requests due to hacking. Google will focus on three main areas to attack spam and hacked content:

  • Better Tools
  • Continuous feedback loop
  • Better Communication

Google’s new algorithm changes are already functional and will continue to be rolled out over the next few months. Pages with hacked spam will be removed from the search results. Webmasters can express their opinions to Google on the Google Webmaster Forum. You can report problems and gain access to resources to fight hackers via the Search Console.

Businesses need to stay updated with Google’s algorithmic modifications if they are to enjoy a good ranking position on this popular search engine. For this, partnering with a reliable SEO company is the practical option. Apart from offering the best SEO services, search engine experts will also keep your website in tune with the latest algorithmic requirements.