Why Holiday Posts Are Integral to Blog Marketing

Success with business blog marketing is impossible without including holiday posts. Just like how the folks just gobble up everything celebrities post about their sunbathing extravaganza in the Bahamas or partying adventure in Bali, your posts during the holiday season could also work to kick up interest in your offerings.
Holiday Blog Marketing

Why Holiday Blog Marketing Works

With the holiday season come the holiday posts. As we pointed out, celebrities will post what they and others close to them are up to. We saw Nicole Sherzinger having a sunny time with family in Hawaii and Jennifer Lopez’s twins in the Christmas mood in their pajamas. But what we’re talking about is posting holiday-themed content which your audience could read up on while they’re relaxing in their holidays. This will generate interest in your products or services, which is why it should be a vital part of any organization’s content marketing strategy.

Smartphones Keep People Hooked to the Net

The conventional understanding is that people aren’t before their desktops or laptops during the vacation. They’d want to be away from the screen playing in the snow with their kids or sunbathing at some beach in a tropical locale. So they wouldn’t be spending much time reading blogs too – they’d rather be reading paperbacks or celebrity gossip magazines. But smartphones have altered the equation, and the mobile phone is something people just can’t stay away from, particularly during the holidays.

They’d be booking hotel rooms or ski lodges, shopping, catching up on gossip, checking out a movie or browsing – all while they’re by the fireplace or decking up the Christmas tree. And when they relax after all the running around, they’ll catch up on their mobile device. In fact, they have more time to read without work deadlines and schedules getting in the way. Blogs and social media posts are something they tend to catch up on, and with engaging and relevant posts you can grab their attention. And that could result in higher traffic to your site.

The Right Posts at the Right Time

People want to read new posts, and so it all depends on the right time to post. The posts must be related to the holiday season, and also relevant to the products or services you offer. But they must also be posted in the mid-point of the season to get the maximum visibility. Make sure that your posts have something unique to this particular season than something that is generally applicable to all vacations, since uniqueness and relevance attract audiences more. So you’ll do well to check out the trending topics this festive season before you write your blog.

Make those Posts Shareable, Please

While social media posts are visible to your followers, their effectiveness will only be multiplied if they continue sharing them. Similarly, blog posts also must be shared for your strategy to really work. So you need to make them engaging, useful and relevant. Don’t make them too long or too promotional, because if it sounds like a sales pitch you’ll know they’ll just ignore it.

Remember to make it related to these holidays – something that will brighten people up, but that is also connected in some way to your field of business. And enrich those posts with images and videos – that’s what lightens your readers. You’ve seen celebrities do that. And it almost goes without saying – make sure you’ve added the sharing button on your blog posts. Also use the social networks to promote your posts.

Capitalize on People’s Spending Urge

Remember, the holiday season isn’t just the time to have fun but also to spend. People break open their piggybanks to get the next big thing at Christmas. That provides a topic for your blogs and social media posts, and if yours is an e-commerce or retail business, your holiday posts could increase your income, more than you ever thought possible.

If spontaneity in blog marketing isn’t one of your strong points, it would be a good idea to outsource the task of generating holiday posts to a professional SEO company. That would ensure all the ingredients are in place while you enjoy your vacation reading others’ holiday posts!

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