Email Campaigns

Email Marketing Campaigns

For your Business

Email campaigns from MOS SEO Services can help you improve your social reach. Customization is the hallmark of our services. As such, we ensure that aspects of the email design such as layout, style, and color are to your liking. With respect to content in the emails, these are some of our highlights:

  • A powerful subject line
  • Personal tone without exaggeration
  • Specificity of content to suit needs of target customers
  • The email should communicate value benefits for the customer
  • Encouraging customers to take action or make bigger orders

Contact our senior solutions manager on 1-800-670-2809 to discuss email campaigns for your business and customer base.

At MOS SEO Services, we thoroughly understand and analyze the reason behind the specific email campaign for your business, to design it accordingly and give you maximum benefits. We track the outcomes from our email marketing campaign, and adjust and manage signups.

Taking the

Email Marketing

a Step Further

A typical email marketing strategy would probably just end with sending mails to all those figuring on the email list. We can use social media marketing to improve on this strategy and increase its reach, opening up the campaign to your friends, followers, and fans. Utilizing tools such as RatePoint, we push the campaign to Twitter, Google Buzz, and Facebook. Our service would take the subject line of your campaign along with an HTML format of the designed email and get it to whatever social media or social marketing websites you are connected to. The social marketing increases the visibility of the email marketing campaigns to the search engines.

Let us help you expand your online presence with bulk email campaigns.

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