Hidden Text Can be Disastrous for Your Website

Hidden Text is also known as “keyword spam” or “invisible text”. Hidden text is a spam technique that is very much part of “Black Hat” SEO strategies used to mislead search engines. It works on the premise that search engines are attracted to keywords present in the hidden text, and the more the number of keywords, the higher will be your page rank. This unethical technique is used to increase the number of instances the keywords appear on the web page.

The text is created in the same color as the background of the web pages. While the web crawlers can easily see the hidden text, your website visitors will not notice it. Use of hidden text is with a view to manipulating search engines; it is totally unethical and can have disastrous consequences for your website. Once it is discovered that you are utilizing black hat SEO, your website stands the risk of being penalized with low rankings; sometimes it may be totally banned from the search results.

There are many different techniques used to create hidden text.

HTML Hidden Text

1. Using font color that is the same as background color

If the normal text is in a white background, then the color of the invisible text will also be white.

2. Using font color that is the same as background image

The background color of the page is set using an image and the font color is set to match it.

3. Use of style sheets for creating hidden text

Most of the web browsers can read style sheets now. Many webmasters are using HTML font code to hide text exploiting the fact that search engines cannot read style sheets and automatically detect invisible text.

4. Color matching using style sheets

Using style sheets, you can control the font size, color, face, and style, and making a text hidden by matching its color to the background color.

5. Hiding a Div using various methods

Creating a division of the text on your page and placing it on the browser and hiding with different methods.

Leading search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have stated their policy regarding keyword spam. They have made it clear that usage of hidden text and any such types of spam techniques will prove costly for your website. It is very likely that your website will be penalized with low ranking. More seriously, it may be banned permanently from organic search engine results.

Avoid Using Hidden Text at All Costs

It is important that you avoid using hidden text altogether. You may find it rewarding in the beginning, but if you are caught the results will be disastrous.

MOS SEO Services uses only ethical SEO methods because we understand the importance and effectiveness of a White hat SEO campaign. That's why we wish to stress the fact that Black hat SEO should be avoided at all costs. Don't damage your website reputation and chances of success with black hat search engine optimization. MOS SEO Services can ensure SEO success with our regularly updated, relevant, genuine content and organic optimization strategies.

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