2013 Ethical SEO Strategies for Website Optimization

Higher ranking in major search engines, that too in organic and natural searches, is a prime requirement for business websites if they are to receive maximum targeted traffic and conversions. Robots and crawlers are sent by search engines to crawl and index the webpage content. Let’s look at the various steps that will help build up your web pages for optimal indexing. Tricking or confusing the search engines is not the purpose behind SEO but to provide them with lots of clues related to your web page. Given below are some ethical SEO strategies that will help to promote your business website.

Use keyword rich page title:

Keyword Rich Page Title
Those keywords which you feel people might be using and will use to find you must be included in the descriptive title of around 5 – 8 words. Filler words like “and”, “the”, should be avoided as far as possible. The title should be placed at the top of the web page between <head> and </head> and underneath the title tag as shown: <title>Search Engine strategies to promote your website</title>. Along with your company’s name, try using some descriptive keywords, on the home page. Apart from the company’s name, words which are likely to be searched by the people should be used. The title identifies you on the search engines.

Use META tag for description:

META TagA short description below your hyperlinked title is given in the search engine result pages. As it describes the page, key phrases and keywords relevant to the particular page must be included in the description. META description tag should be placed at the top of the web page withintags.

Include your keywords in headers:

Keywords in Headers
Keywords appearing in the page headlines are considered by the search engines. Hence use of the desired phrases and keywords in header tags H1 and H2 should be ensured. For providing hints to search engines regarding the headlines, you must make use of H1, H2 and H3 tags.

Include your keywords in first paragraph of content:

Keywords In First Paragraph of Content
Search engines expect to find your important keywords in the first paragraph of your content. Basically, the introduction of the whole content is included in the first paragraph. Keywords should be included naturally and not in an artificial way. You should ensure that there is no overstuffing of keywords and the right keyword density is maintained.

Ensure that the navigation is search engine friendly:

Search Engine Friendly Navigation
Although users may find the navigation menus created using Java Script and Flash appealing, they cannot be read by search engines. Java Script and Flash navigation menus should be replaced by HTML links at the end of the page for making them readable for search engine robots. Include a chain of hyperlinks that will lead the search engine spiders from your home page to every inner page of your website while indexing.

Create a sitemap:

SitemapIn case your site consists of a large number of pages, creating a sitemap facilitates easy navigation of your site and availability of all the pages on your site.

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