7 Competitive Analysis Tools that’ll Help You to Be on a Par with Your Competition

With the growing competition, you need to always try and be in the league. In order to be in the league, you should always be aware; aware of your competitors, their strategies and your future prospects to stay above all. Keeping up with the current stats will always help you to prepare yourself for the worst.

I’m sure everyone in their childhood may have dreamt of being a spy. Everybody likes to be a spy and know it all. Taking spying as an inspiration for improving your position in the market is what we are talking about here. It brings out a healthy competition then. In the marketing world, it is difficult to keep up. Things change at a rapid speed and you have to be always on your toes to get to them. There are numerous tools which you can use in order to know what your opponents have in their favor. Different tools work with respect to different domains. Your competitors can have many places to beat you at. There’s advertising, keywords, back linking, web ranking patterns and options, monitoring tools used, how they engage socially, and so on. Let’s look at some of these tools which could be extremely useful.


AdbeatThis tool helps you understand what ads are working for your competitors. Know just a handful of people in your competitors’ list? This tool will help you grab a list of all your competitors who you didn’t even consider as your opponents. You can try it out with the free 30 day trial and later can upgrade to the next level that comes with a package of $99 per month. It does help you crack your competitors’ online advertisement strategies.

The only drawback you would see here is that, this tool tracks only Google Ads.


iSpionageKeywords are very important to keep up on the SEO board. Every blogging site, every website, rather every other website, needs that one small beneficiary element of perfect keywords. iSpionage is one tool which helps you understand the SEO front of your advertising competitors. You understand the use of their keywords and that’s how you can beat them at being the best. It helps you grab the competitive data, find gaps with respect to search results and also to manage your clients.

It keeps updating itself in order to provide search intelligence on your competitors. Their products include Keyword Monitoring for SEO and PPC and keyword and domain research and both the services are paid services with definite results.

Open Site Explorer

Open Site ExplorerHave you tried applying back linking to your posts anytime? Interesting right? This interesting thing also works with bringing up the page visits for you. Open Site Explorer describes itself as a search engine for links. It basically backlinks the links and brings in more traffic. All the information, which you thought was sophisticated for your PC and network such as domains, IP addresses, top pages, anchor text, linked domains and so on, is provided by this tool.

The best thing about this tool is that, it is free. So, you wouldn’t get the wrong image at all.


AlexaWhen we talk about working with marketing and internet marketing, we have to consider analytics as the first thing ever. You need to know where you stand and how much you can pull yourself up. All this helps if you are very well-versed with the data and information on your site. Alexa tracks the traffic rate and source from and to your website.

Google Alerts

Google AlertsGoogle has been a savior and a killer at the same time. This is one search engine which doesn’t reach any troublesome point and has the solution for everything. When you are alerted to do something, things get way easier. Google Alerts help you exactly in that manner. When you start, you firstly enter into a search query which would be a medium for you to reach your goal. The form holds on to a few regular things like language, what kind of result you would like, the region where you belong and how often you want to be alerted for the same. With Google alerts, you may monitor the Web for interesting new content. It monitors any new blogs, videos, news, books, and so on. Just like any other Google solutions, this is free too.


Commun.itWhile it is important to work hard, it is equally important to share the thing with someone who is in their league. How the websites which are competing with you grab this data? There are data analysts for a reason. Engaging yourself, with the world of your readers and followers is a very good idea to understand what they need and want. Commun.it is a free tool used to grab information from Twitter and link building along with developing a relation there.

You can easily check out your competing company and my competing companies data. You will get to know the performance of your surroundings and sort this competing problem accordingly.


This tool allows you to see up to 6 years of data on your competitor’s keywords, ads and ranking. This will help you with your PPC advertising and SEO strategies. There is a limited free tool available, but if you are looking for advanced competitive intelligence, you will have to subscribe.

Challenging your competitors on the information they are flying on, is surely going to be an amazing feeling. Other ways to beat your competitor include:

  • Follow your competitors on social media and find out what they are talking about. Understand the various strategies they employ.
  • Subscribe to the blogs of your competitors, study the topics they are covering. Consider the announcements they make about product launches.
  • Subscribe to their newsletter, which is bound to give you a good idea regarding how they are targeting their customers.

There are many other ways to peep over your competitors back and check what is exactly happening on their part which they can use. Have you started tracking your competition?