A Simple Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

Search engines have been a platform for marketing for over a decade now. There is a great deal of information for customers to handle and a large amount of it may naturally escape their attention. Companies have realized the true potential of this platform and become aware of the necessity of optimization to enhance their visibility in searches.

SEO or search engine optimization strategies include email marketing, pay per click, outreach, and so on. Search marketers are very much aware of the potential of the digital sphere for conversion rate optimization. To understand when it would be wise to invest in them, search marketers are taking steps to get well acquainted with the various channels of marketing.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Search marketing industry is still evolving and there are challenges faced by the marketers when it comes to staying in the forefront and beating the competition in the virtual world. Marketers need to:

  • Know which channels would be able to generate most traffic and revenue quickly
  • Know the reason behind investing in those marketing channels
  • Know how to follow up with less immediate ROI centered and long-term initiatives once you get validated by the client
  • Know the right question to pitch at the executive level

Conversion rate optimization involves researching the audience and their search habits, trying out alternate versions of your webpage to establish the most effective ways to convert visitors into customers, which is the ultimate objective of an online marketer. Each site sets different goals of conversion and it could mean a variety of things such as asking for a subscription for a newsletter, a simple phone call, a download, or product purchase according to what is most relevant to the business.

The most crucial step in implementing CRO strategy is doing proper research. Setting goals for conversion and general site activity can begin with data mining of the existing analytics for establishing bounce rates, embryonic traffic and conversion charts. Determining the points on the website that garner maximum hits also helps with directions. Transparency in conversion goals can help CRO professionals channel better traffic.

Making changes to the website based on how the competitors occupy the market space and what elements they employ, and if similar elements can be added to your own website can go a long way in CRO. It never hurts to get to know the CRO strategy of the competitors and how they utilize it to build pricing structures, interact with common targets, and make offers.

There is something known as customer empathy. Viewing your own website as a visitor or a future customer gives a better insight into the thought process of the visitor. It gives the marketer a fresh perspective when they step out of their role as a marketer. It also helps them to fill in the loopholes that they earlier failed to notice.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Email marketing is an effective way to achieve CRO having one of the online marketing strategies with highest conversion. There are a few ways to convert visitors to customers via email marketing:

  • In order to get visitors to click on a link pertaining to conversion centered content or a sales page, emails must focus on a single objective. The greater the number of links cluttering your email, the lesser is the chance of visitors clicking on the one that is most relevant.
  • Some people still don’t enjoy high speed internet, and a few workplaces only allow basic HTML format. The email should not lose its bearing if the images and other features are not turned on. It would completely defeat the purpose of email marketing and end up in the spam folder.
  • Keeping a log of the visitors who opened the sales page, but were not yet converted could help in the long run. A follow-up email for specifically those people which offers them a small but special discount or other free offers will eventually convert some of them.
  • It is crucial to make email CRO mobile friendly. If a person cannot open your email or if they do and then do choose to click on a link in your email but fail to be landed on the desired page on their mobile devices, you end up losing a potential conversion.
  • Using signature emails on individual emails that are sent to personal contacts being introduced to the business and the professionals to products and services and not just being restricted to the mailing lists also helps with increasing traffic and there by conversion rate.

Many inbound marketers have a tough time deciding on the most important strategy pertaining to either SEO or CRO to enhance conversion rates. Conversions are an ultimate goal however, so converting a browser into a visitor through SEO or converting a visitor via CRO into a customer is very much a sequential process. SEO and CRO can both be instrumental in improving conversion rates, and boost revenues.

Website visitors are the main focus of both SEO and CRO. SEO is directed to identify the key aspects of search practices of the users to attract them to a website, and conversion rate optimization is meant to make the website as pleasing to the customer as possible to make them accept what the business has to offer. Both processes can flourish if they invest in learning consumer psychology which would help them understand and predict the behavior of their target audience. For instance, users who intentionally visit a website are far more likely to convert that the ones who happened to click on a random link.

Following are the ways in which SEO and CRO can join forces to generate surplus conversion rates-

  • Focus on a common service or product – A single effective strategy compatible to both processes will help attain better rankings on search results and positively affect conversion rates. Search engines want to pull relevant data as per the instructions in the search bar while visitors want a guideline to navigate through the website. Both the agencies would work together to convince the customer to purchase the product.
  • Deliberate use of keywords – Visitor intent is the be all and end all in conversion. To improve the ratings, understanding a customer is a must. Keywords provide a tunnel to get through to the other side. It is a way to quickly and effortlessly let customers know that the landing page caters to their needs and in what way.
  • Headlines- They need to be precise, relevant, compelling and must contain the keyword. The Meta titles in the search engine result pages or SERPs must be in sync with the headline of the landing page. If it involves the main advantages of the service/product weaved in with the keywords, that much the better.
  • Landmarks- After the user has become a visitor, there needs to be a prominent marker that would lead visitors in the next step of the conversion process.
  • Tests- Because of the dynamic nature of the target audience interests, SEO and CRO strategies need updating and new strategies need to go through a testing process to fully satisfy the visitors.

Every online marketing campaign must begin with CRO after making sure that the site is receiving sufficient traffic to be able to run through valid tests. A target specific SEO program should be constructed to bring in the qualified visitors after the landing page has been optimized to enhance the conversion rates. The exhaustive work that goes into SEO is wasted if proper conversion rate optimization fails to take place which essentially means the visitors do not wish to revisit the site, much less make an actual purchase. It they work jointly like parts of a same machine, they would most certainly increase conversion rates, pull more visitors, and revenue would be more.

The actual power of conversion rate optimization lies in the ability to raise the conversion rate on the website within the existing framework of visitors on the site. If there is a rise in the number of total conversions, the overall revenue increases, cost per acquisition is reduced and the all round ROI of all the internet marketing efforts is expanded. It all boils down to the specified definition of what a conversion enlists for a business as it promptly sets a standard to be achieved from the very beginning.

Search marketers must have a concrete plan to tackle every scenario that would get in the way of conversion. There needs to be a profound understanding of what processes and which marketing channels combined would provide the best opportunity for the conversion to soar higher.