Backlinks and Small Businesses

Small businesses are generally not properly equipped to maintain and manage back links, with many of them not even aware that they should review their links. Businesses that have borne the brunt of Google’s Penguin update may wonder whether links are required to obtain good rankings in leading search engines. The fact is that links do matter. This is because only very few content creators can develop really good content that can naturally earn good back links. The large majority of small businesses still need to find ways to promote their sites and content so that they get good back links.

Small Businesses often Unaware of How Back Links are Created

BacklinksThe concern here is that many small businesses do not understand that links are created by things such as social bookmarks, citations, directory listings and so on. This means that there is always the risk of being penalized by Google. Another concern is negative SEO. It signifies the use of tactics such as building spammy links to a competitor’s website to lower their rankings, and improve one’s own position on search engines. Negative SEO can also result inadvertently from directories, some worthless websites and strange search engines. Whether intentional or unintentional, back links created through negative SEO can prove costly.

Can links hurt? Yes, they can. Bad links can have a negative impact on your website’s ranking and indexing. Google’s disavow tool is a good option small businesses can use to overcome the negative impact of back links.

Managing Back Links Vital for Small Businesses

Back links include incoming links, interlinks and outbound links. The keyword ranking of a business will improve in keeping with the better quality of the backlinks. Google offers easy tools to manage back links; these tools enable you to remove all spam and achieve optimum search engine results.

It is the responsibility of small businesses to review the back links to their websites and determine the good and bad ones. Google expects them to perform this review and use the disavow tool effectively to stay clear of penalties. Here are some tips to avoid building back links:

  • Don’t build backlinks through article directories
  • Avoid switching to paid links to improve your rankings because Google is penalizing sites that go for paid links

Small businesses could consider obtaining the services of a reliable search engine optimization firm to monitor their back links and take the necessary corrective action. Such services could also help in optimizing their website and improving its ranking naturally.