Best Practices to Boost Your SEO with Internal Links

Internal links are links that go from one page on a domain to a different page on the same domain. Internal links are useful for establishing site architecture and spreading link juice. Strategic internal linking is a powerful SEO tactic, and is among the valuable services provided by a search engine optimization company. This technique helps a lot with content marketing.

Internal Links

Best practices of internal linking have changed and the following considerations have assumed more significance now.

  • Keep in mind the structure of your site when planning an internal linking strategy.
  • Plan your site in such a way that groups your most important topics together with ongoing content. So what is the advantage of this kind of grouping? It results in a closely woven group of related and active web pages that also index easily. When you have such a closely connected page grouping on your website, it helps enhance your relevance and authority in relation to particular keywords/key phrases. You must of course ensure that the links that come from your website are fully maximized.

  • Be active in social networks to build up your internal links profile.
  • Popular social networks ensure that their active members receive recognition for their constructive posts. Your Facebook posts, likes and shares in groups enhance your search engine profile for that linking group. Maximizing your internal link structure in each article will help you grow faster. The internal links show up whenever the article is shared on the platform. Search engines attach great importance to social signals; your social media activity therefore has a significant effect on your internal link profile on popular search engines.

    Google gives more importance to your social activity on Google+ rather than on any other social media site. This means that the business connections you have on Google+ are very significant when it comes to powerful internal link building. If you use Google+ properly, you can also increase your organic as well as local rankings. On Google+, get connected with groups that relate to you and where you can get a firm foothold.

  • Keep track of the link profiles of your deep web pages.
  • When you have written a lot on a specific topic, you gain a reputation of competence. To further enhance your authority, strive to rank for corollary keyword profiles and synonyms via analytics of each deep web page of internal links. If your analytics shows that one of your pages appeals more to people in New York, localize the content and internal links to New York in articles related to their favourite product/service.

    For strategic internal linking and resultant SEO, consider the services provided by a good SEO company. They use relevant, powerful techniques that will help you in driving more traffic to your website and achieve better ranking.