Bing’s Campaign Planner to Enhance Your PPC Strategy

This September, Bing announced the availability of Campaign Planner on Bing Ads for pay-per-click (PPC) marketers. The key to effective PPC campaigns is having a proper understanding about industry benchmarks and your competitive landscape. Campaign Planner can provide you with the breadth and depth of insight that you need to enhance your campaign planning strategy. There is growing popularity for Bing PPC due to less cost per click (CPC), similarity with Google and greater ad flexibility. With this new tool, Microsoft’s search engine can make its mark in search engine marketing.

According to the official Bing blog post, campaign planner is a unique feature that shows marketplace insights by industry vertical, product and keyword. This feature collects and surfaces data from the Yahoo Bing Network to display industry benchmarks as well as new investment opportunities and can be used to search traffic trending and forecasting, industry benchmarks, competitor performance and keyword suggestions.

  • Marketplace Insights – Campaign planner provides you with marketplace metrics including search volume, search distribution by device, average cost-per-click and more through an intuitive and top-down taxonomy. You can see a navigation panel on the left side of the interface. From this panel, you can select the industry vertical you like to explore Vertical Insights.
    Vertical Insights
    You can select a product you want to investigate further within each vertical in order to view Product Insights comprising search volume trends and CPC.
  • Product Insights

  • Industry Benchmarks and Competitors – Once you are in Product Insights page, click on the ‘Competition’ tab to view the top ten advertisers and how they perform in the selected product. You can review your competitor’s ad coverage (percentage of time this competitor’s ad was displayed compared to the total number of ads that showed up for this product) and find out whose ads are getting the maximum air time and where on the page they are the strongest.
    You can view the data within the competition tab only if signed into Bing Ads.
  • Keyword Ideas for Campaigns – Campaign planner helps you spot excellent keyword opportunities for advertising your products/services on the search engine. If you select ‘Keywords’ tab in the Product Insight page and click on Download, you can view all the keywords in the associated category and use those keywords while creating your ad campaign. You can also view Key Performance Indicators at the keyword level such as search volume, search distribution by device, clicks, weekly change, average CTR and average CPC. Filter by column, and you can choose the best performing keywords for your ad campaign.
    If you click on individual keyword, you can view Keyword Insights page where you can search for more information. You can see search trends, various performance metrics, and competition data on this page similar to Vertical and Product Insights.Summary
  • Track the Products You like – You can add those products you are interested in to your library of My Favorite Products so as to trace the changing marketplace dynamics for your business.
    Add Product

With an in-depth view of the competitive landscape and the granularity that can make the insight relevant to your search engine marketing campaign, campaign planner can truly manage your PPC campaigns on Bing more effectively. This will help you identify new opportunities in keyword research, competitor analysis and product tracking and scale up your PPC strategy to achieve your marketing goals; collaboration with professionals experienced in search engine marketing would be beneficial in this regard.