Blogging: A Great Way of Establishing Your Presence

BloggingBlogging is a great marketing strategy when it comes to promoting your business or ideas. It was earlier known as the weblog, but called a blog today. It is nothing but a small site that provides information that is published by a writer or writers on a specific subject or subjects. You can even consider it a diary of sorts, the only thing being that the diary is written in the ascending order while a blog has posts that appear in a descending but chronological order. Blogs were not that famous till sometime ago when famous personalities started writing their stories or experiences and sharing them with the visitors in an effort to get them to interact. A blog is sometimes written by a single individual or a group of people together under a single name. However, these days different professionals and experts author posts for the same blog in their own name in their field of expertise. Such blogs are sometimes edited and maintained by professional content writers.

It is an active form of content marketing where precise, relevant and attractive content is generated to appeal to would be consumers. Universities, newspapers, media agencies and large firms use the multiple author method for their blogs. Using multiple authors or professionals allows the firm to control the uniqueness of the content offered along with the variety they can offer. More blogs were set up by the people because of simple publishing methods introduced on the internet. Even a non-technical person could understand the instructions and follow the tips to set up their blog in a jiffy. Only a person who understood or knew different web languages could publish content over the net before new tools were added.

Blog marketing has become an integral part of any kind of content marketing campaign. Blogs that are available today allow visitors to interact and leave comments, while interacting with other visitors too. Widgets of every kind are available; some even let the visitors to the blog speak to each other in private. There lies the main difference between static websites and blogs. It is a form of social network, where relationship building with followers and visitors is the main goal. Blogs with heavy traffic such as celebrity blogs etc have no provision for comments to be posted. Blogs can be classified according to the content that is published on it. Some are personal diaries, some are used by firms and corporations to talk about specific topics that they think people are looking for. A typical blog has text, images, videos; audios, widgets and even stress busters sometimes. You can also find video blogs, art blogs, photograph blogs and more over the internet.

Micro blogging received a fillip when Twitter was introduced into the fray. This kind of blogging has short concise posts or links that are posted on the account where the other visitors can also check. An edu-blog is one that focuses most on offering information on education. Blog services are available on websites such as Blogger, Tumblr and Word Press. Out of the three the service offered by Blogger is the most widely used.

How Does a Typical Blog Look?

Since a blog is like any other website, there are different coding languages that are used to set up the look and feel. The coding could be a combination of HTML, PHP and CSS languages. Many services that offer blogging services have an easy interface or content management systems that have pre-uploaded themes. These themes can be changed at the click of a button, along with change in colour, the font, its size and even the placement of different elements on the blog without having any effect on the posts in the blog. For e.g. the original template for any blog using Word press, for example, has a blue headline, with black coloured font on a white background. Other blogs may have a black background with white text. The appearance of columns on the right or the left side of the page is dependent on the kind of theme selected. These columns are used to link the blog’s popular posts, archives, recent reader comments, ads. They sometimes also provide links to other blogs.

How does a blog work?

A content manager is provided in the account of a blogger. He or she has to log into the editor system to maintain their blog. Creating web posts, editing old articles and posts, and managing comments from visitors to the blog is easy. Blogging tools like Word press and Blogger have different systems, allowing the writers to manage their blog online while the basic functions remains the same.

Writing and Tagging of Posts: Sometimes blogs emphasize one topic or different topics based on any one industry or industries. This kind of specific features allows the visitor to tag or label any post for future reference. For e.g. a fashion blog may have a lot of posts on new fashion trends. Labelling the post fashion trends will allow you to find the links that you want to refer to quickly by clicking on the link that is available on the main page of the blog. You can also link a post with the first page of the blog permanently.

Interaction with the Community: The main characteristic of a blog is that it allows visitors to write their comments without any hassles directly below the original post. You can control how these comments appear on your blog. A fan or a visitor may need to provide an email address that is valid or register to comment on the blog. Some blog services allow the writer to approve any comments, even edit it before they appear on the blog.

Increasing Readership: Link backs or trackbacks are something that one can use to increase the number of readers visiting the blog. This trackback happens when your blog uses the reference of another blog with the help of a link, the blog that is linked with yours gets a notification of the link.

Sometimes a link for your blog is displayed on the other blog as a comment. Another way in which you can connect with another blog is to create a permanent link on the main page of the blog called the blog-roll. A link is displayed on both the blogs just like it does when you have a trackback.

You can even try and attract the attention of content aggregators such as Digg. It is quite difficult to get their attention as they have a huge number of readers.

Blog marketing is the process of achieving business goals with the use of blogs. Such blogs can be used as a promotion tool for the website of the brand. There can be cases where the blog is used to promote the business directly if it is a small business. Blogs are cheaper compared to other marketing tools and quite effective too. Marketing through blogs may also help to enhance the rankings of a website in search results. It is frequently used for search engine optimization. Blogging can be used to generate traffic but it needs time and dedication, and can be done for free unless you want to have it designed by a professional. Blog management provides many benefits to individual bloggers as well as small businesses that do not have huge advertising budgets.

  • It can make available a great platform to the small or home business owner, where they can discuss their products, services or industry in a simple, easy to comprehend way.
  • Small business owners can use the blog as a very good promotional tool for events that may come up in future along with any noteworthy happenings at the company.
  • Using a blog as a marketing tool allows business owners to interact with clients, customers or readers directly. A blog is an interactive tool, which means both the readers and the owners can comment or leave their impressions on the blog. This helps the business develop a relation and acquire the trust of the readers or the consumers.
  • A blog can also introduce a fun element in the conversation. Even the most decorated journalists in the world talk to readers through their blogs rather than just offering expert advice. A blog can become a very successful marketing tool if you update it consistently with good and attractive content that appeals to a lot of readers.