Capitalizing on the Local SEO Potential of Google+ and Facebook

Local SEO is highly rewarding, since it targets the kind of customers who have the greatest chance of visiting the particular business – people living in or around the area where the business is located.

Business establishments looking to establish their brand and improve marketing must set up local profiles to exploit the immense SEO potential social media and local listings offer. Local listings in Google+, Facebook, Yahoo Local, LinkedIn and Foursquare can boost the conspicuousness of the business massively. Google+ and Facebook are particularly important for local SEO because of their immense popularity.

Setting Up Google+ Local Page

Google+ Local is probably among the most popular of them all and can interact with Google+, Google Maps and Zagat reviews, a big advantage that can help multiply the benefits for your business. Even better is the fact that you’ll get your local pages indexed by the search engines.

A Google My Business (formerly Google Places) account is mandatory for a Google+ Local profile.

Google My Business

Head to Google+ Local and sign in using your Google username.

Google+ Local

Select “Get Your Page” and you’ll be taken to the dashboard of Google My Business. Select the country where your business listing should be and add your phone number. Then fill in your business details before submitting.

Next is the verification process by which the PIN for verification of your entry will be sent through SMS, phone or “Postcard” depending on the option you select. If you select the phone option, you will get the verification PIN in a few minutes after you click “Finish” after entering your mobile number and carrier name. After the PIN is received, you must enter it in the appropriate field for your verified listing to be created. New businesses should select the “Postcard” option for receiving PIN verification.

From Google My Business to Google+ Local

For a Google+ Local listing, you also require a Google+ profile. Create one, and choose the “Place” or “Local Business” category and enter the business details before clicking “Locate”, which would enable you to view your business’s verified Google My Business listing. Select it and you’ll come to the page where you must enter your business detail for the Google+ Local listing. Enter your business name or its website link and then verify your page on Google+ Local by clicking the “Verify Now” button. Carry out the PIN verification process and you can now manage your page.

Setting up Facebook Page

Now we move on to the most widely used social network in the world, Facebook. The adjective just used to describe this social network would ring a bell about the immense potential for brand awareness this offers. Apart from the mere sensations created by personal posts, Facebook also offers marketing opportunities through a business page.

Go to to create a page. First, log in with your username and password. In the dashboard select the “Local Business or Place” option. This will take you to a page where your business details need to be entered.

Facebook Page

Next comes the important step of claiming the Facebook page you’ve just created. Head to your page where you can select “Is this your Business?” from the box next to the “Edit” option. This will require you to enter more data about your business. The verification procedure follows. Facebook provides the option of either uploading the required documentation or selecting the email verification process (if you have an email address that is linked to your personal Facebook account) for verifying that you are connected to the business whose page you’ve created.

With these steps your local SEO efforts will get kick-started and you can look to gradually reap the benefits provided you keep updating the pages with quality content, something which professional SEO services are pretty good at.