Change Landing Page Strategy with Conversion Rate Testing and Optimization

Landing Page StrategyYour online business runs well because of the best conversion rate your landing page gains. If you have an amazing landing page strategy, you have the best conversion rate for your brand. The conversion rate varies with respect to different factors. One of these factors is the market that you are intending to capture. What you offer has a lot to do with the amount of traffic that you can attract. Medical market or the health market can grab hold of around 5%-70%+ traffic, depending upon the source, while a personal development blog can convert around 14%. The basic conversion rate for any field lies somewhere between 5%-50% but again, that depends upon what sources you are linked to. To increase this, all you need to do is, keep testing with respect to other websites and see how others work their way through the competition.

Factors Affecting Conversion Rate

The conversion rate of your landing page depends on 2 major factors affecting your landing page, which you need to keep an eye on.

  • Gauging your traffic behavior:

You need to be very observant with respect to how your audiences behave once they are on your page. You need to keep track of what they click on, where they hover the most, and other significant behavior. All of this will give you an idea as to where to place your important content and guide you in benefitting the most from your landing page.

  • Building your landing page:

Your landing page needs to be strategically developed. The placing of different elements on your page means a lot in order to convert those numbers. Elements to place strategically:

  • Placement and repositioning of buttons
  • Tweaking the heading
  • Adjusting line spacing
  • Using appropriate fonts
  • Using the right color combination

The following are two very important things that you need to make sure of being the best at.

Ranking under the Best

Research shows that maximum conversion rate is observed for the top 10% landing pages lying under the highest traffic rate. Your focus should be on landing under this 10%. How? By keeping your short term target to achieving maximum conversion rate even with minimum source traffic, that’s how. You should always be shooting for the 10-20 percent range that is, with a hike in conversion rate by 3-5 times.

In order to achieve that, planning is necessary. You need to plan your landing page strategy, so that you gain the best results. Remember, there is always room for improvement. Even if you manage to build the best landing page, someone else may come along and make you change your plans because you may be running a little behind on updating yourself. Your focus should be on what your audiences like. This also depends upon what industry you are talking about. Let’s look at some major revamps which can help you with gaining the best from your landing pages.

Testing Your Landing Page Often

This is one of the most important things that you can do. You can’t simply put your efforts in the wrong direction and hope for things to work. If something is not right, you need to fix it, make it right and then wait for results. There is a huge competition out there. In order to get past that, you need to make sure you are the best.

  • Keep revising your landing page
  • Take feedback seriously
  • Use tools to analyze your customer response
  • Manage content according to customer response
  • Use different and new ways to gain and gauge traffic

Internet marketing is a whole new world altogether. Unless you know the basics of it, you won’t know how to juggle with it. You need to keep yourself updated. Various CRO tools can also help you achieve high rates. Just changing the colors of your buttons is not going to help. You need to understand why exactly you are not reaping from the seeds you have sown. Wasn’t the soil fertilized well enough, or the seed wasn’t planted deep enough? All these factors make a huge difference.

10 Essential Tips for Conversion Rate Optimization

We have been talking a lot about conversion rate, but what does it actually have to do with your landing pages?

Definition: Conversion rate optimization is the process of increasing website leads and sales without spending money on attracting more visitors by reducing your visitor “bounce rate”. Conversion rate is defined as the percentage of visitors who complete a goal, as set by the site owner.

Let’s see how we can build up a better conversion rate through conversion rate optimization:

  • Treat testing data as your Bible. If you have data, you have everything you need in order to bring out the best.
  • Your visitors are looking for benefits on your website. Don’t try to feed them with just solutions to their problems.
  • Correctly positioning the content on your landing page can get you better hits and better sales.
  • Be interactive by using images and videos to reach your audience better.
  • Interact with your customers rather than just feeding them with information.
  • Take customer feedback positively and make efforts to work upon their issues.
  • Provide sharing opportunities to your visitors and place them strategically.
  • Always run debug tests and keep updating your website.
  • If you are asking for feedback, make sure it is quick and to the point.
  • Keep a tab on the load time of your website.

Get Me Leads!

Conversion rate optimization is a great help. CRO is exactly what I meant, when I said you need to focus on more conversions, irrespective of low traffic. However, conversions alone are not going to help you either. You need to make sure there are more leads than just conversions. You will shell out more if your conversions don’t convert into possible leads. Your PPC is definitely going to make you spend on all those clicks and traffic. But if you don’t make the most of the traffic, you are going to spend more and gain less. You should be focused to convert the traffic into conversions and those conversions into leads.

One way to do it would be to give your readers a taste of your product or service. Once they have used your services or products, they are in a better position to know and understand what they want.

May the Best Offer Win!

You need to analyze your offers. The “Click Me” button needs to be replaced with something that might appeal to the customer and convert him. The following is what might work for you to generate leads:

  • Trial periods
  • Opt-in and opt-out processes
  • Long sales cycles because of the complex nature of the product or service
  • Reasonable price quotations

Weekly or even monthly trial periods are what maximum number of companies provide their users now. If you are a trustworthy and well-known firm, customers will be willing to go buy your product right away, but if you are a small business company, you need to put in a lot of efforts to reach that position. It is not easy for a firm at your place. Doesn’t mean your company is not worth and cannot build up leads though. You will definitely bear fruits but you need to work your way high up there.

Testing your strategies is a very important factor here. This is never ending. Many tools such as Optimizely, Unbounce, Crazyegg, Google Analytics, and so on will help you make sure you reach your destination and achieve your goals. They will help you gather data, analyze it, test it and then optimize your website page accordingly.

Building the best landing page is near to impossible, but since you are already in the game, it is better to keep working on benefitting the most from it.