Content Marketing: The Need of the Hour

Marketing, and that too new age marketing methods are not complete today if they do not use content marketing in the marketing strategy. Consumers today are interested in reading good, concise content. The need to have information that is accurate in short sentences has made it harder for companies to make content related to brands more interesting.

Content MarketingWhat is content marketing? Any marketing method that means creation of content, sharing and publishing it to acquire new consumers is content marketing. This kind of information can be presented in various ways such as news, white papers, informational graphics, case studies, Q and A, and photographs. Such content is designed to create an interest in your products and services. Not just this, to make sure you are successful you need to provide good, high quality and consistent content.

Why content marketing though? The main intention is attracting and retaining consumers by producing and curating pertinent and important content with the idea of changing or improving consumer behaviour. It is a process that can be integrated into your complete marketing strategy, but depends on owning the content rather than renting it. It is a form of marketing that can be done continuously. You are not offering your products and services; however what you are doing is providing information that will enable the consumer to make an educated decision, or make the buyer more intelligent. This strategy will help to enhance your business and acquire customer loyalty. This strategy is used by most of the companies today including some of the biggest marketing organisations. All these companies go for it because it really works.

What is the difference between good content and bad content? It is a very thin line where good content provides relevant and important data that is accurate, while bad content is just that, garbage or gibberish that you get from firms that are trying to just sell their wares. Every company sends out messages to its existing, past and potential new consumers with information. Sometimes this information has no connection with the recipient and neither is it important. This is spamming which is to be avoided at all costs.

Marketing through content is a significant process in today’s scenario. Good and relevant content will make one stop, read the content and reflect on it later. It could also induce a potential consumer to behave in a different manner.

Marketing gurus and other experts all over the world highlight article marketing as the future of marketing. There are a number of applications and tools available in the market today, which is why content marketers are thinking of out of the box solutions and looking beyond the normal traditional article and utilising inventive ways to tell their stories to the world. The difference in the way the content is provided can help to focus on different aspects of the article and make it more fascinating and easy to package it for sharing on various other channels. The different forms of content can be enumerated in 8 different types.

  • Make lists: Listing all your information makes it easy for the consumer to check the information provided. They are usually short, simple and to the point and are used widely across various organisations at some point or another.
  • Solution based: Users most often look for solutions for their problems and may visit your website with the hope of finding the answer to their questions. An article that shows the consumer how to go about with the process in a systematic and efficient manner will definitely help.
  • Questions and answers: To add more weight to your reliability, a question and answer session with a known expert will help consumers understand you better.
  • Informational graphics: Graphical representations of data or statistical information in the form of tables and diagrams have a great impact on the end user making dry as dust information more interesting. Not just this, a vast amount of data can be showcased in a small space.
  • Videos: A visual showcase of the information is more attractive than plain textual format. A video can transmit rich content with emotion while adding human elements to the content provided.
  • Photographs and description: A photo with a small relevant description or even a (#) hashtag is a good way to share something funny or important quickly among the people of the organisation. Not only that; make it interactive by inviting others to share their moments and photos.
  • Ask for opinions: Customers frequently look for ways in which to express their views with the brands they prefer or love. Invite an existing consumer or an outside expert to provide content related to your brand. It makes them feel involved and truly appreciated. It is a good way to acquire good content.
  • Storify: Use your social media connections to get quotes and insights when you link your articles with a feed from Storify. This feed can display the social rhythm of an event or topic related to your firm. There are many ways in which you can convey the performance of your organisation; however the most important thing is to constantly provide unique content that fulfils your customer’s desire for different content.

Is marketing possible without content today? Marketing is incomplete without content, as it is an integral part of the process and not a separate entity in the information flow process. Good quality content is a part of all marketing processes such as:

  • Social media: Before you decide on your social media marketing techniques, you would need to decide on the content techniques first.
  • Search engine optimization: Good page rankings are the result of providing good, quality content continuously.
  • Public relations: A successful campaign for PR would include content or articles on topics the consumer cares about rather than the business that is being promoted.

Content marketing and article marketing are not the same, yet both are quite similar to each other. It is a method of advertising where firms write small concise articles talking about themselves or the company’s field of expertise as a part of their marketing strategy. The first style often used is called a bio box or a by-line. The traditional way has been used for many years now, since printing for the masses began.

These days internet article marketing has overtaken traditional article writing. This tool is used by marketing agencies to promote the writer’s expertise of the market, its products and services through the online medium using article directories. Article directories that have good web page ranking most often receive a lot of visitors and are considered authority sites by different search engines, leading to high traffic on the website. These directories often provide a page rank to the website and also send more people who read the article. An article and an article directory would definitely attract a search engine as they have relevant rich content.

Companies, marketing agencies and even business owners try to maximize the results that an article in an advertising campaign garners by submitting the articles to various directories. However, this is not foolproof as search engines filter content that is replicated, so that the same content is not provided in various search links. To circumvent some companies even have multiple variations of the same articles, which is known as article spinning. When they spin an article they can acquire more visits from a number of article directories, in theory. Article marketing uses the article directories to host the article free of cost, thus receiving traffic that is not paid for because of the authority the search engine accords the listing.

Why article marketing? The main goal behind using this marketing tool is to acquire search engine traffic to the article as much as possible so that the writer can consolidate his or her position in their chosen field of expertise while driving traffic to their website too. The most important thing that an author needs to remember is to provide important information with his or her article and not just promote their products and services along with the website.