Creating Attention-Grabbing Blog Posts for Your Business

Blogging is a great tactic to draw visitors to your business website and increase ROI. The major advantages of corporate blogs are they attract search engine spiders and provide your targeted audience with more information about your products, your business, your industry and more, helping you to stand out in the crowd. A 2012 study by Hubspot revealed that small businesses that indulge in blogging receive 55% more website visitors and 102% more Twitter followers, and enjoy 126% higher lead growth compared to non-blogging businesses.

Before writing the post, be clear about the type of audience you are writing for and refer to the feedback you collected from them by calling them and going through the feedback and reviews they have provided. A proper understanding about your audience is crucial when it comes to creating a blog post that can engage them. Here are some important tips to help you create attention-grabbing blog posts for your business.

Avoid Chunks of Plain Text

Research has shown that most people don’t actually sit around and read blog posts. In most of the cases, they make it halfway through the content. So if provide lots of blocks of plain text your visitors are likely leave rather than read your content. Make your content easy to understand and scannable. Use sub-headings and bold important phrases. Break up your content instead of posting text in bulk. Try to keep paragraphs short and use bullet points so that the reader can catch the main points easily.

Use Quality Images and Videos

Try to incorporate quality images and videos as visuals always attract more interest than plain text. According to industry experts, the quality of the product’s image on the e-commerce site is more important to buyers in the selection and purchase process compared to product-specific information, a long description and ratings and reviews. Visual content is more sharable on social networking channels as well. Images convey your ideas much better as shown in the example below:

Quality Images and Videos

Here, even before starting to read the blog, just looking at the image would tell the reader that Google’s latest shopping feed updates is related to mobiles.

Videos show your consumers how your product works. You can use animated GIFs to capture the essence of both images and videos.

Include Links or References

When you make bold statements, use credible links or references to support your statements. If you don’t use links or references, it could damage the credibility of your business website. Blogs help you establish yourself as an authority in your field, and also gain visitors’ trust. Credible links and references are important to build trust.

Don’t Write Merely for SEO

Writing for search engine robots is simply a waste of time. Readers are not interested in the content that is stuffed with keywords and sounds promotional. The right approach is to write for your audience first and then take legitimate efforts to optimize that content for search engines.

Give Focus to Consumer Needs Than Word Limit

There is no prescribed word limit to increase the visibility of your blog post. Sometimes a short post may work for you or sometimes a long one. Understand what your audience actually wants and their expectations. This will help you to figure out how much you should write about a topic to engage them. However, Google may view a blog post of less than 200 as ‘thin content’ and so this could negatively affect your optimization efforts. So don’t make your content too short. If you are writing long content, make it exciting with examples, citations and media to keep the reader glued. However, it is also important to avoid content that is too long.

Post Your Content Consistently

You cannot increase visibility by posting a lot of content. You should post your content consistently, but not every half hour. To maintain a steady growth, one post a day or three blogs per week should be fine.

Stay Away from Clickbaity Headlines

You should create catchy headlines to grab the attention of your audience. But, it is not a good approach to create headlines just for the sake of clicks. Your content should provide detailed information of what is said in the headline and should be informative or entertaining. If they click the link on finding the headline attractive and then find nothing useful in the write-up, you would end up making them angry and destroying their trust in you.

Don’t sound political unless the background of the content demands it. You should also take steps to your market the blog posts through various channels to ensure maximum visibility.