The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing with Facebook

Social media marketing has become like a breathing exercise or rather like a ventilator for all business entities. Every individual today has access to maximum number and types of social media platforms, at least the popular ones such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and so on. Facebook is the most popular of the mediums used for this purpose. But of course, little or insufficient knowledge of something can definitely lead you to making mistakes. The trick is to target your audience well.
Dos and Don'ts of Social Media Marketing with Facebook
Facebook offers an amazing scope for advertisements for its users. However, it has its advantages and disadvantages both. Before you start with something, you need to have a plan outlined for the marketing strategies that you’ll be pulling off on this huge social media platform. Yes, your Facebook page will definitely require planning, as posting any random content will get you down to zero.

Here are certain things which you can avoid doing and improve your chances of hitting a large CTR (click through rate).

Heading on without a Plan

The most common and obvious mistake people do is start working on their Facebook page without a plan. It doesn’t take a lot of time to plan, rather it shouldn’t. If you are aware of what your expectations are from the page or profile, you have won half the battle. All you can do is, work on the “wh” questions which in turn will help you simplify your strategy. Just ask yourself, what, why, when, where and who. The next question you need to ask yourself is, “how” are you going to implement everything you just prepared the data for? Simple, isn’t it? All this entire process will take is, about an hour of your time.

Setting Your Expectations High

Right at the start, when you haven’t really posted a lot of content and advertised yourself well, you cannot expect your audience to be in awe of your page, your business or your content. Facebook ads are definitely not free and they are not strategically placed either. So you need to do a lot more than just advertise yourself. Therefore, it would be a good idea to set your expectations from Facebook ads low and plan your budget for it accordingly. Unlike the initial era of Facebook in 2008, Facebook’s News Feed works more like SEO. It comes with a cost now.

Desperate Marketing

Just like any other media plan, you do have to set your lines straight. The do’s and don’ts have to be decided upon and arrangements made accordingly. Desperate marketing is done when you are running behind results. This can also be called “push marketing”. You run behind getting “Likes” on your page. Even though people do “like” your page, it is not necessary that they are following the information you are sharing on the page. They might just ignore it and move on. The content you share on your Facebook page needs to be more on the lines of “pull marketing”. One thing you need to understand about Facebook is that, it is very wide and millions of things get uploaded every minute. So, once you make a post, if it is not something that can hold your audience, they will simply scroll through.

When you are being a desperate marketer, all you do is flood your customers or followers with everything that you have, even if it is something that they are not looking up to. For instance, you are into textile business. You have a lot of brilliant options to choose from, for every season. But this doesn’t mean that you will make a post of winter wear in summers and expect your followers to like that. Even if you bring up an 80% discount on your collection, this will not be sold. Instead, strategize and place a 5% discount during or before winters and this will bring a boom on your page and collection.

There are 3 types of people on Facebook:

  • Who like and share everything
  • Who share and like nothing unless they really have liked it
  • Who do not share anything

The last group of people does not exist! Yes, everyone on Facebook shares and likes something or other. They might not click on every ad which is shown on the right hand side of their Facebook page, but yes, if they follow you or if they have a friend who follows you and if they like what they see, you don’t have to worry, they will definitely like you and might share too.

Ignoring Your Followers

The worst thing anyone would expect is to be ignored. No one likes to be ignored. If you need to grow, you need to start listening to your followers. Think about it this way. When you add a profile picture, you get likes. You add another profile picture and you get lesser likes than what you received earlier. You add yet another profile picture but you get more likes than any of the other. What do you understand here? You need to check all the three pictures well and understand why your followers like the last one better. Their comments will help you understand this too. You need to go through the analytics of understanding your followers and their interests.

Working through Statistics

  • Go through all the posts you have made and check each of them as to how successful they were.
  • Make a list of all the successful ones and unsuccessful ones separately.
  • Track your followers’ timings by keeping a tab on what time of the day your page gets the maximum attention.

One of the worst things brands usually do is vanishing. Your traffic won’t pull up unless you maintain consistency. There needs to be activity on your page always. This especially works odd in the initial stages of your page. If you vanish with no activity, you have lost the run.

Once you are aware of all these pitfalls, you can then move on to the solutions. Accepting your mistakes will then help you rectify them, but you need to accept them first.

Things to Do for Your Facebook Page to Be a Hit

The do’s for being on top are pretty simple and yet challenging. Even if you have planned, things might not turn your way. You need to be calm and change with time. Since the time Facebook has been up and running, it has been through a lot of evolution. By 2013, when Facebook started taking marketing and monetizing seriously, there have been a lot of variations in their marketing strategies. In 2008, it used to be free but later, the marketing strategies came with a cost. There were advertisements, questionnaires, pop quizzes and many other such options provided to Facebook users. Once you strategize, you will know how to attract your customers.

Pulling the Traffic

Once your page is up and running, you need to start posting and making yourself visible. In this huge sea of people and brands and with all the possible marketing opportunities, you need to pick the one which suits you and your brand and make changes accordingly. You need to make timely posts, post interactive quizzes and pictures, and also bring on offers. Contests and free goodies always grasp the attention. To make timely posts, you may use tools like HootSuite. You can use many other tools to make maximum posts and grab attention. One of the best ways would be to use Instagram and Infographics. It is very important to have a proper call-for-action. If your expectations are not clear to your users, they will definitely lose interest. Another option you can use to be seen is Facebook graph search. Once you are at the top of graph search, you are easy to track. Of course, all best things come with a cost and even this SEO-like search comes with a cost.

Building a Rapport

You need to understand that Facebook is not something in favor of one way communication. There needs to be an interaction every time, everywhere. Unless there is interaction, you won’t understand your follower’s views and nor will your followers understand your views and ideas. It is very important to build up a dialog. Also, another way would be to observe the interaction. When there is a post, people like and comment on it. You need to make sure to go through all the interactions and understand the views jotted there. You cannot be offended with a negative feedback. Moreover, you cannot even ignore that feedback. You need to understand the reason behind that comment and work your way onto making it positive the next time.

Avoid Distraction

It is very easy to get carried away on social media. You need to make sure you are doing something which will help you achieve what you want. The purpose of all the trouble of marketing is to promote your business and in no way should you forget that.

Facebook has a lot of potential to place you right. You just need to understand how to use it to your benefit. You may build a good, popular business with Facebook. If you have the quality, and you portray yourself well, you are the king.